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La Trobe University, Lawrie Zion; Creative Writing: Complimentary online course on Start Writing Fiction from Open University

The free on-line course "Start Writing Fiction" was launched by the Open University and is aimed at all those who are interested in beginning writing literature or improve their work. This course teaches you how to evolve your idea and how important it is to think about writing and work.

Open University (OU) is the UK's biggest academia and the global market leading provider of open and face-to-face teaching. The course is aimed at people who are interested in beginning writing literature or improve their literature and does not need any prior knowledge in this field.

You should be able to talk about: imagination and expression. Denek Neale: Author and Kurzgeschichtenschreiber. By the end of this course you will recognize your strength and weakness as an author of literature. They consider the ritual of writing and the importance of maintaining a diary.

Does the IGNOU creative writing certificate help me as a prospective author?

In any case, I highly commend Ignou's creative writing degree. It is an exhausting course and the learning materials are outstanding. Before I enrolled in the course I wrote a little, but after finishing the first 2 tasks I found out that my writing was much more clear. Since the course usually takes place via mail and the whole consists of:

Receipt of the course documents by mail. Submission of the orders and the design. When you do, they give very good feedbacks on all your tasks and your work in general. These IGNOU are pitiful. Its been over 1 months I applied for diploma in creative writing course July 2016 cycles.

Ignóu' s whole way of working is pitiful, at least not professional. Achieve excitement and drama. It is an open university and the material it provides is also very valuable. However, if you want to read the certificate in creative writing from SIGNOU, you have to go to university yourself, because SIGNOU does not offer CURSES.

To be an up-and-coming author, you can apply for a standardised certification at IGNOU, but you should join any good institution for practical experience and advice. Adhering to the course materials will lead you to your goal.

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