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Creative Writing Open University Course

Courses or check out the range of OU Creative Writing courses currently available. The writing for stage, print, television and radio is discussed in engaging and articulating details. Learn a creative writing course online. Research non-fiction, canvas, prose or professional writing. The IGNOU is a recognised open university and the study materials it provides are also very valuable.

Contents of the course

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About being an Open University student

I am currently writing an EMA for my second to last course at Open University. Once I have submitted it, I will start my last OU course, Advance Creative Writing. Can' t believe I'm getting to the end of my humanities/creative writing studies.

I' ve been loving every second of my studies so far. OK, that's technical not correct, because there were some unevenness on the way, but overall I really enjoy every course I've attended and I've been lucky enough to have some great teachers and school mates. While I know that some people might be questioning the advantages of taking a course of study, I can reassure you that this is the best choice I have ever made.

Really used to hate indoor life. So much I hate life in the gyms that I spend most of my free hours at home (although I met one of my best friend there, so it wasn't all too hard! I felt slightly traumatized and chose a social science course at the OU and knew immediately that I had found the right university for me.

When I graduated in social sciences, I chose to go on to the humanities and soon got used to prioritizing my schedule and scheduling my studies every mornings. Most of the classes are associated with periodic training sessions, although they are not mandatory, and I enjoy getting to know some new students and having animated discussion about the course material and the OU in general.

During my years at the OU, I only ever had to deal with one examination, because I chose half intentional and half random classes, which consist more of end of modules assessment than they do. and I' d rather have the three weeks to finish the modules you do at home.

However, they are not an easy choice, just different; you still have to invest a lot of effort in researching and reworking modular materials before you can plan, write and edit the work. Although the EMA period is busy, I can say that I have really loved all the classes I have attended and have often found new ways to look at theory and concept when writing my EMA-essages.

I only had a bad teaching practice; I chose to quit the course and take another course to prevent my mark from being severely affected, as the results I received were dramatically different from those of the other classes I had attended. I had previously taken classes at the same levels and in the same field and found it unlikely that my skills would fall by two class limits (which took me from a first to a very low 2.2).

It was a weird mark and I didn't want to be swamped with notes that would pull my overall mark down by such a high percent. I' ve enrolled for another course, and luckily my scores are all much better now. A number of my fellow learners referred to the "tutor lottery", but overall my mentors were very supportive, very honest with their evaluation and always willing to provide encourage and help.

I feel very odd to come to the end of my studies, and I'm not sure what I'll do to myself when it's all over. I' ve attended a wide range of classes, among them literary, linguistic, humanities and creative writing, and I really don't want this to end!

I' ve begun to attend graduate classes and could choose an MA in History or English. These material packages are good enough reasons to go to the OU - who doesn't like getting mail? I am a little bit upset about my last course because it is based more on creativeness than on text books and anecdotes.

It was quite tiring towards the end of the Creative Writing modules, so I studied children's literature and English worlds afterwards. However, I now think I'm prepared for the Levels 3 Creative Writing course and I'm provisionally getting prepared by doing brief day-to-day writing work.

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