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It is an opportunity to develop your skills as a writer in fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction and screenplays for film, radio and stage. Group F71 - MA in Creative Writing You will need 180 credentials to achieve this qualification: Please be aware that the University' University' rules apply to this degree. That means that you must take into account at least 60 OU module counts that have not been calculated in any other OU qualifications that you have previously received.

As we periodically check our syllabus, the qualifications described on this page - as well as their availabilities, structures and available training units - may vary over the years. When we make changes to this skill, we will refresh this page as soon as possible. When you have successfully graduated a qualifying course elsewhere, you may be able to qualify for this course, which reduces the number of units you need to do.

After successfully completing the necessary module you can acquire the Master of Arts in Creative Writing, which entitles you to use the characters MA (CW) (Open) after your name. They have the possibility to be presented at a diploma party. In order to enrol for this post-graduate course, you should have a British qualification or a recognized one.

Understand that a grade of at least 2:1 or higher will significantly improve your chance of successfully earning an MA. Your English (written and spoken) is also required for post-graduate studies. When English is not your native tongue, we suggest that you have a 7 or higher International English Grammar Test System (IELTS) rating.

At least two years are the total period in which the training can be taken, whereby the training units are studied one after the other. You must finish the module one after the other for a period of no more than 10 years to be eligible to do so. When you are interested in a free-lance writing profession, this Master's course will give you the necessary written and editing abilities and will provide you with a range of valuable, portable communications and collaboration capabilities necessary for the normal professional field of the contemporary author.

The diploma is of relevance for those professions that directly rely on the handicraft of writing, editorial work and criticism (e.g. journalism, publication, copywriting). This may also be of relevance for career paths that require creative and analytical abilities in various types of text, as well as a capacity for thought, organization and cultural comprehension in the broadest possible meaning.

The Careers and Employability Services section has more information on how the OU survey can help you work.

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