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The second part of the MA in Creative Writing. Maya Creative Writing Part 2 (A803) of the Open University at Open University The second part of the MA in Creative Writing. You' ll be building on the abilities you learned in Part 1 while being simultaneously challenging yourself to further evolve those abilities in your core specialty area. You will specialize in one of four writing genres: literature, poems, creative non-fiction or screenplays.

It is divided into four lesson units and a further area of self-study in which you can turn your own concepts into sustainable, creative and professionally oriented writing. In order to enroll for this course, you must have successfully graduated from the MA in Creative Writing Part 1 (A802).

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Building on your tried and tested and winning academic pedagogical expertise in higher educational institutions, you have an appreciation of assisted open and open source study and correspondence, especially on-line pedagogy. They have an entrenched nationwide fame as creative writers or develop such a fame. They are experienced in giving lessons in creative writing at university and on-line, specializing in at least one of the following genres: literature, creative non-fiction and screenplays.

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A number of UK institution programmes offer the possibility of studying abroad for one year (e.g. a learner who has completed a course can do so in the UK where the foreign languages are spoken). The basic course is a preparation course for those who wish to specialize in a specific subject area.

A number of first degrees call for a year of preparation, which is particularly usual in the fields of arts and aptitudes. Advanced first degrees generally comprise at least four years of full-time studies (five years in Scotland), of which at least one year is at Master's standard.

An initial qualification is the basic level of higher tertiary training. Typically, an intermediate diploma in England, Wales or Northern Ireland is a three-year full-time course of studies (four in Scotland). Basic studies correspond to two years of full-time studies and enable students to enter a fully-fledged first year.

As a rule, a full-time course lasts one or two years part-time. UNESCO Unistats is an independant website with a lot of useful information and stats about college classes.

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