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The software allows you to manage a blog with several topics and to create journals. The WriteMonkey - WriteMonkey is open source. Eric S. Raymond about different (open source) software development methods. People with an intrinsic interest in writing code and creating software motivate the development of open source software within the community.

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Top 100 great open source tools for authors, journalists and blogs

Today you have a vast array of utilities at your fingertips, from text processing applications to CMS, open classes, organisation and much more, many of them open source and even free. Continue reading and you' ll be learning over 100 open source utilities that can make your writing career simpler, or just as a college graduate following an onlinegram.

Writers Group: Enter this group to get many great writing materials. The OpenOffice Writer provides a fully functional, trusted and user-friendly text editor wikidPad: One of the most widely-recognized open source text processing programs. WorldIt is a small, basic text editor with extended functions.

This web editor lets you refresh and modify your contents directly on the web. You can use this easy text editor for easy writing and processing. The PDF Creator provides an easy way to generate new PDFs. You can use Scribus as a writing instrument and as your own desktops to publish. yWriter:

It' a great way to take memos, comment on your document and much more. Kword: This utility provides frame-based text editing. It is an excellent way to organize your story or screenplay. NotPad++ is the open source release of Microsoft's NotePad. This open source software package includes a text editor for Macs.

TeeDlyWiki is a notepad in wikistyle that makes it easier for you to take note or stick to your own idea. These useful utilities allow writing enthusiasts and prospective authors to easily and quickly exchange fonts. Joomla: Joomla is a very efficient Open Source CMS. It is a straightforward, easy-to-use file sharing application.

Compatible with Firefox, FireFTP: This FTP client works directly with Firefox, making it simple to put your contents up. Gnutella provides Gnutella file sharing searching and file sharing for you. The Drupal is a high-performance open source CMS that supports web sites, weblogs, and more. With this add-on for WordPress, Blogger and other Blogging plattforms, StarOffice and OpenOffice publication becomes child's play.

It is based on Zope. The Azureus is a very efficient BitTorrent based server. XOOPS: This web-based, dynamically growing Web contentmanagement system is extendable and object-oriented. Web GUI provides a Web applications and WebCMS. FTP Filezilla: With FileZilla you can upload your data to the Internet with ease.

The Opencms is a powerful and easy-to-use website contents managment system that can be used in open source environment and commercially available software. Easily author and publish with this blogsite. Mebble: In Mebble, you'll find a light open source plugin that' s a webapp. Blogs can use Open Source WordPress to build a customisable blogs.

It is a free, basic utility that provides free blogs and wikis. dlog4j: dlog4j lets you post and edit your comments, RSS and more. The software allows you to maintain a multi-theme blogs and journal. The PowerBlog is an open source, Windows-based wallpaper logging game. Download a basic, light weight Blojsom blogset.

With this software you can move your blogs and commentaries simply from job to job. Scooter is an open source J2EE blogs plattform. Blogsunity provides community-based blogsoftware. Ensure that your writing is flawless using these writing utilities for writing undergraduates. The GNU Aspell application provides an extended open source checker.

Word Web provides both a vocabulary and a glossary. Number of words plus: See how many words you have spelled using Word Count Plus. You can use Bibus to ensure that you specify your source correctly. You can use this utility to look up words in your own word-book top. WBOSS: With this open source code you can insert text and find misspellings.

GNU Style and Diction help make sure your writing is free of clichés and other usual issues. Quickly get a grammatical review with this utility. Researcher Assistant: Keep your research organised with this useful utility. EverNote: EverNote lets you save and organise your writing information. Using Celtx makes it simple for you to organise all your writing, especially if you use a lot of specific grouping.

You can use it to organise and reformat your writing. You can use Tellico to administrate any typeface you want, whether it is your fonts or references. SAMM: With SAMM you keep track of your contributions and more. You can use this brain twisting utility to research all your great idea.

Gibraltar: Use this e-mail protection that provides back-up and restore, anti-spam and anti-virus and more. The Rubrica is an directory management application for GNOME. Gaim: With this utility you can talk on almost any plattform. Thunderbird has many great e-mail capabilities, which include high-performance spamming.

GIMP: Prepares your pictures for publishing with this high-performance picture editing application. The Miro is a full-featured visual toolset for you. With ImageMagick, you can easily generate, modify and compile bitmaps. The Gallery is an open source photosharing and editing solution.

It is a graphic editors that provides a great user experience. Use Pencil to make hand-drawn animation. Make your paperwork come to live with your own artwork, cards and other artwork. Auditory is a straightforward audio recorder. Launchy: Launchy makes it easier for you to open all important applications with a few clicks.

Mozilla's Sea Monkey provides a complete web edit, chat, e-mail and surfing experience. A suite provides a great way to store your important files and more on your flash memory device. OpenOffice is an all-in-one utility that helps OpenOffice customers with backups, translations and more. You can use this open source web page for research and more. phpMyVisits:

You can use this software for website stats, public measurement and more. PeakPeaZip is a great utility for extraction and compression of write files. EVEOS: EVEOS makes it simple to build a portable desk top so you can work from anywhere. Let your text encode with this open source application.

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