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Use an online conversion service to convert the PUB (Publisher) file to PDF. You can download the PDF and open it in any PDF reader. PUB files are documents created by Microsoft Publisher, a desktop publishing program for creating professional documents and marketing materials. An online file conversion service called Zamzar is available (http://www.zamzar.


Read a pub without publisher

In order to open and view a Publisher document, Microsoft Publisher must be on the computer system..... There is no need to install any extra office plugins or office application component..... It' not possible to view without Microsoft Publisher, but you can work around this by turning it into PDF.

Here you can transform your data into PDF for free. Use the following procedure to change a document to PDF: Then click on "Convert".

The PUB extension - What is and how do I open it?

Is a PUB-files? PUB files are a document produced by Microsoft Publisher, a desk-top publication software for creating business grade documentation and promotional use. Contains text, halftone and vectors as well as drawing elements in a document. The Publisher is used by occasional and serious publishers to layout pages such as newsletter, booklets and flyers.

Once you have saved a document in the Publisher, the application will create a publishing house document to hold the document's content. It allows you to make changes to your document, exit the document and reopen it for further work. Not only are public repository pages used for page layout, they can also be used to incorporate and preserve serial letter datasources and to create datasheets.

When you have a large amount of text in your PUB document that you want to re-use for other uses, you can save it to a DOCX document for processing in Microsoft Word. Text and text formats are stored, but all images and column formats in your document are not retained.

If you want to store your public document as a DOCX document, specify the Word document size under which you want to store the document, and then click . You can also open Public Access Office publications in Adobe InDesign, one of the most common applications for creating desktops, with the PUB2ID plug-in in. View over 300 different document types with PaperPort PaperPort.

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It is our aim to help you understanding what a filename with a *.pub extension is and how to open it. Our aim is 100% precision and we only release information about data types that we have checked and verified.

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