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OBP is a UK-based academic publisher of Open Access books. Newest tweets from Open Book Publishers (@OpenBookPublish). The leading Open Access publisher of high-quality scientific books. Publishers, Cambridge, United Kingdom. Free, high-quality digital textbooks for disadvantaged readers around the world.

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Full Open Accessibility versions of all published issues of OOPP are available in PDF and XTML on the publisher's website and on a number of different websites such as Google Books, Worldreader, OpenEdition, DOAB, The European Library and Europeana[3] Some issues are published on Wikiversity in a social editing style (e.g. In the Lands of the Romanovs: An Annotated Bibliography)[4] Worldreaders provide subscribers in less developed world to OOPs via e-readers and 2G-mobiles.

The Open Book Publishers was established in 2008 by Rupert Gatti and Alessandra Tosi, both scientists from Cambridge University. Today it is the largest OA publishing house for OA in the UK. Until spring 2016 it had 77 volumes in its catalog, all of which can be viewed online free of charge[5] With the help of printed on demand printing technologies, EDP covers are also available in hardcover and on paper.

The full text of all OBP publications is licenced under copyright, but not some third parties' contents (e.g. pictures and music). In addition to the free issues, the publishing house offers five different issues (hardcover, hardcover, papermaking, Epub, mobile, and an extended PDF). This expenditure is marketed through their website and through all anticipated distribution channel (Amazon, etc.).

Publisher's grants: Although OBP does not require an obligatory fee for publications, it encourages writers to request subsidies to compensate for these. The International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP), dem OBP angehört.

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Satan's tale of many battles in the annals of man's existance to free the mortal intellect and open the doors to prohibited know. Who would want to kill the world's most celebrated thinker, the sorry lives and deaths of René Descartes? Satan, from the instant of his first appearance as a unique glimmer in the darkness of prehistoric times to the more illuminating power into which he develops over the entire range of man's existance, has, as he now makes clear, urged people to open their hearts to the surrounding worlds and to keep searching with an unhindered intellect for definitive responses that still need to be found.

In order to do so, he must fight against the stubborn efforts to suffocate the drive of the "spoon-feeder", as he likes to call them, who at all ages and often with a bloodstained thumb have persisted that they and only they possess the only convictions that every person should unquestionably embrace and embrace.

While Satan follows the story of their many efforts to keep men from believing for themselves, he also carries his followers in the quest for the supreme fount of all the evils in this earth. The reader will of course come into the book with the standardized conception of Satan as a psychic character of the wicked, but they will exit the book with a better comprehension of how such thoughts were used in distorting conceptions to keep men away from the "forbidden" knowing that is beyond the limits of the established faith.

Publishers around the globe and over the course of the years have been led by the book's ten anthologies of brief tales to witness the rising influence of what the writer has called "warming", the man-made disaster that raises the world's temperatures, raises sea level and causes ever more severe weathers. Although he was the world's premier thinker, his entire career was in ruins at that point.

From the perspective of an US reporter, the ballett enthusiast shows the ballets' splendour and atrocity, the shows, the backstage scenes and the personal drama of the renowned ballettancers Rudolf Nurey- ev and Natalia Makarova. Sitting in the crowd is Geneva, an US magazine and dance enthusiast who waits for the heartbreaking elegance and temptation of the romance duo, but instead sees Rudolf Nureyev not capture his Russia mate Natalia Makarova and drop her on scene with a plunge.

Ballet Lover is a sophisticated, hypnotizing, fictitious portrayal of two of the most famous female performers in the dancing scene, as one compromises the other and, like the dramatic performance on set, is often the most gesp..... To hell with high schools! It is the US educational system that is turned around when a disgruntled schoolteacher asks his pupils to rise up.

Esther's affection and the director's job is pledged to Dieter. To use classical books to get the pupils into a racist intoxication against the mostly whites, all Dieter has to do is obey the devil's counsel. A piquaresque, clever and clever reminder of Eddie Loperena's New York lifestyle in "the land that was given to me".

Eddie's parting and losing his associate have reached a turning point, so he unlocks his surgery and clears his bureau to rewrite (as he did during his studies) when he receives a call from his alienated childhood boyfriend Carlos, his "big brother" in the neighbourhood, now a well-known traffick.

Leaving behind in the Bronx, Carlos now gets a favour from Eddie to keep two bags full of "valuable papers". "Eddie collects the bags, then Carlos leaves and Eddie can't get in touch with him because he only talks on PSTN. Meanwhile, the city' s political leaders, with the governor of New York included, are courting Eddie to join in.

Imaginative Eddie lives through the threats of a vengeful prosecutor to pursue him, and city-wide rumours that he vanished with Carlos' illegal wager. However, Eddie cannot allow the New York papers to diminish his complicated choice to help Carlos to a pseudo-social scientific representation of a two-dimensional US minorities-puppetry.

Eddie wrote the third aspect of a tragicomical comedy of the 1970s, the isle of his own rebirth that drove him, and his minorities in" the land that was proposed to me. "Eddie Loperena wrote of a place he's not calling anywhere: It' a history of romance and terror.....

She graduated from the University of Illinois, where she earned a B.S. in Marketing, which allowed her to refine her typing abilities by producing promotional copy for a fairground. The first Open Book will release its first novel Rosemary In Bloom in August 2018. She graduated from Wuhan University and passed a number of tests before being recognized by the renowned CUSBEA (China-United States Biochemistry Examination and Application Program).

When she was 23 years old, with bad English, little command of the English language and 500 US dollar loaned, she came to the University of Rochester in the United States as a doctoral candidate. Short histories have won competitions and have been featured in numerous publications. Qing is currently working on a tale about her grandma, who was the first female to obtain a Master's in Great Britain.

In May 2018 Open Book will release her first feature-length novel entitled The Flying Tiger and the follow-up Will of a Tiger in November 2018. In an empty space that spans the countryside from Vietnam's warning jungle to the harsher Appalachian Mountains, a thrilling confrontation with the times, memories, awareness and self-confidence allows unforeseen inferences to be drawn about the character of man's own identities.

The guts of one of his cousins, the resolve of another to help a wounded US aviator. ese forces looking for him, the chances of surviving the US pilots are low. Also Daisy Bai, Jasmine's younger cousine, fell in romance with the brave Americans. The story of romance, sacrifices, kindness and valour plays a role in one of the most dark moments in China's story.

The protracted and violent dispute is at the centre of the history of Ashi-niswi, The 13. History is a likeness that raises the general question: "It is also a touching coming-of-age tale as the youngest of the young fighters is struggling to get a grip on the repercussions of the search.

Fierce and prohibited loves collide with traditions and castes in a shifting India. Lovely, bright and proud, Kamala fights to get away from the old ways and entangles her India assistants, Flemish lovers and his young US woman. ý Dad is murdered by a US U.S. U.S. drone assault near the Afghanistan frontier, her intercultural familiy falls into contradictory notions of allegiance, fairness, identity, vengeance and terror.

Through openness, aesthetics and uncommon insights, her tale shows both how decency can warrant terrible deeds and the emotive force needed to cure. However, only the histories of those whose life has been altered or forgotten can tell the real horrors of time. And what if the battle separates you from your real loves?

And what if the force of charity brings you back together? If Rosemary finds Albert, it's immediate chemistry. Albert wants to get married to Rosemary before he goes to Europe, but she can't bind herself. Rosemary, like so many young girls of her day, finds herself abandoned to work and worried, desperately in search of affection but timid.

After three years, and since Albert's destiny is still not known, Rosemary encounters Harry, a charismatic and good-looking man. Rossemary is feeling blamed for wasting so much of Harry's precious little sleep, but she's almost slipped of the belief that Albert will make it home safe, especially when she finds out about her brother's serious battle-harm.

In Bloom, Rosemary, inspired by a real history, investigates belief, pardon, enduring charity against all resistance and the hard choices faced by powerful, wise woman on the home front during the Second World War. What did she do? And what if the battle separates you from your real loves? And what if the force of charity brings you back together?

There was no other literature in the home except the Bible, some health care textbooks and a few Spanish journals, although Julio's mom and mom and aunt came home from work with a paper every day, sometimes The DAILIY NEWS and sometimes El Diario. Julyo began his teens further southwards in the Bronx, and while in the 7th class became the informal adopted boy of his step-father, a second American Jew of British and Germans origin, who had turned to Christian Scientism and then fell away from it.

He began writing poems there, later joined the M.F.A. programme at Columbia and received his Ph. D. in Latino-American literature and linguistics from the NYU. His work has been translated without originals and Puerta de Tierra. A selection of three other previously unreleased works is included in the anthology, periodicals and various university publications.

He was editor and chief advisor of the 13-part program Faces, Mirrors, Masks by National Public Radio in 1986: Hispanic fiction of the 20th century. His groundbreaking work The Spanisch-American Roots of William Carlos Williams (whose increasing renown led to an appointment as visiting professor at Harvard University by the Department of Romance Languages in 2007) was released in 1994.

His first fictional work, The Bonjour Gene, was released in 2005 and printed in pocketbook form in 2012. In Disneyland, Open Boooks will release his latest novel Don't Let Me Die: Eddie Loperena's 3-D lifestyle, October 2018. the tales and video clips of protagonists from all over the land presenting their performances of select people.

The Cottonwood Library, will read Rick's novel, J. A. Marzán will discuss his new novel Don't Let Me The in Disneyland, Allegheny Regional Festival of Books. Nineteen tales from the latest oceanographer Stephen Spotte's latest collections permeate the turbulent, aqueous depths of the mind, mixing fantasy and fantasy with harsh, systemic observation and insight into the distorted realities of live, charity and dying.

Michelle began her collegiate education as a majors in the Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri. However, it was the one year of abroad that strengthened her wish to spend her life studying the local people' s languages, histories and cultur. Afterwards, she earned a Master of Art in French from Boston Colleges and a PhD from the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at State University in Albany, New York.

In her doctoral thesis she dealt with the roles of women in Haiti's francophone novel and developed and taught classes in french languages, literary, history and cinema. Until she retired in 2010, she was an extraordinary teacher of comparative and oral frenchs.

She has contributed to several articles on Haitian literary works in the Journal of Haitian Studies and has written several dozen articles in the Encyclopedia of Caribbean Litererature for which she was a member of the Council. Dr. Boisvert in April 2012 released a French review of the famous Paris-based author Fred Vargas. Plassnik Open Boks will release its one-of-a-kind travel guide "Pilgrimage to Paris":

Mayor Marisa Cohen explores the perception of charity and shared scholarly research on the first data and falls in love in today's underworld.

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