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Which is the best free website for posting educational material on web sites?

At first of all, as per my suggestion I don't think satisfied typing is something you can learn. All you need to know is English. While there are tonnes of sites where you can get contents on any subject, if you have a good knowledge of English, you can re-write it in your own way.

Well, some authors don't have this river and the river. Soon you will see that your lexicon improves and whatever you think in your head can simply be typed with impeccable language. Not much about on-line classes, but there are some on-line classes for English. At the same time you can see how to create the ideal item.

It was 6-7 years ago that I began to write, and I love every new thing I learnt. I' m still not perfected and as a non-native English language learner I'll never be it. The imperfections give me the possibility to get to know new things, new words, new spellings.

It is my passions and if you also like to write, then nobody in this earth can stop you from becoming the best.

Forty of the best websites for young authors

Are you looking for help with typing, reviewing peers, grammatical hints or just some suggestions from the web? Don't miss these 40 useful sites for young authors. The Young Writer's Society - The Young Writer's Society is the world's biggest website for young authors between the age of 13 and 25.

Membership communities encourage contributions and provide advice to help everyone become a better author. National Novel Writing Month is an abbreviation of NaNoWriMo's Young Workers Program. Each November, the section for young authors invites youngsters under the age of 12 to contribute a 50,000 words novel. - Boast resources for everyone from beginner writer to writer with master's degree in typing, this on-line typing community is a great place to save and view your work on-line. Free-of-charge membership is available to all. The Young Authors On-line - This young writer communities provides a platform for submission of your work for criticism and a platform for general discussion about the trade.

WITH OCW Authoring - The Massachusetts Institute of Technology provides a range of free college-level authoring classes through its open -courseWare programme. Writer's Digest - Although not specifically developed for young authors, this website is a great source for anyone who wants to know how to typ. Website functions includes blogging, fellowship discussion boards, typing hints, instructions for creating and publishing policies.

Pomegranates Words - This site offers free poetic and fictional classes, review service and a teenage writer's journal. U.S. Copyright Office - This site is a must for any age. Purdue Online Writing Lab - Purdue University's Online Writing Lab is a great place to study all the different laws of language and use.

Gramar Girl - Mignon Fogarty, a. k.a. provides a wide range of fast and filthy grade notes for better spelling. Hints are available in a free blogs and podcasts, and the reader can post their own grammatical ailments. The Merriam-Webster - Merriam-Webster's on-line glossary and glossary is simple to use and guarantees accuracy.

Additional website amenities included a day's worth of words, podcast, puns and free software download. This website offers'grammar lessons with attitude'. The' website's Grammy Bytes' contain grade and level codes, hand-outs, interactive tutorials, video and definition of commonly used vocabulary concepts. Co-authored by the Center for Writing Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, The Writer's Workshop - The Writers' Workshop provides a free compendium of free English language skills that provides explanations of fundamental English language use.

Everyday Grammar - Almost 500 hours of daily language and trivia are available for free on the Daily Gramar page. Additional ressources are a workbook and a thesaurus. Guidebook to Gramar and Style - Jack Lynch's Guidebook to Gramar and Style is an essential source for young authors. This guidebook provides a detailed explanation of the grammatical principles and gives useful tips on how to use them.

The AutoCrit Editing Wizard can verify the typing for grammatical mistakes, stereotypes and other No-No's. There are also a number of other write sources in AutoCrit. Your automated alternator holds over a trillion (no joke!) imaginative authors' thoughts. If you need inspirational input, this page is the place for you.

Includes more than 300 in-depth design requests and magazine submissions. Ink-provoking - This page offers all sorts of imaginative typing instructions. Every Sunday new prompt are added. Focusing on youth-friendly characters like superheroes and brilliant children, Bruce Van Patter's Story Kitchen is an outstanding young writer's work.

Speech is a virus - The automated prompting engine on this page can supply an infinite number of creatively prompted author. Additional ressources are typing tutorials and information about scores of different contributors. ChoLastic - If you are looking for a website that will inspire and cover the fundamentals of typing, ChoLastic is the place to be.

The About. com Guide to Fantasy Authoring provides all kinds of creative booster for young authors. This site also provides tips for those new to literature. Browse Book-In-A-Week - The Book-In-A-Week website is for serious young authors looking for a challenging experience. Expressionists are encouraged to be creative by encouraging members to do as much as possible in the first few weeks of each months.

Developed for particularly young authors (up to 12 years of age), Every Childrens reaches a shortlist of publishing houses that accepts history, poetry and works of music. Inks for Teens - This teenage website (and magazine) is counting on contributions from young authors to fill their pages. Authors must be between 13 and 19 years old to be included, and there are fellowship discussion groups where any young person can post work for consideration.

Teen Voices - Like Teen Inks, we accept contributions from young voices between 13 and 19 years of age. The Claremont Review - This journal introduces young mature writer and provides resource such as typing hints from renowned writer and an yearly youth competition. Run by Harper Collins, this site provides young writer's typing hints and advices as well as the possibility to contact a Harper Collins publisher if you are fortunate.

If you are over 18 years old, this site is a great place to find paid free-lance music. Every weeks new positions are advertised, as well as useful hints and advices for freelancers. Mediatristro - Regarded by many as the definitive self-employed market place, Media Bistro is a good place to find appearances and journalist work.

It also features blogging, fellowship discussion boards, events, and more. World Market - World Market is the ultimative guideline for young authors who want to know where they are selling what they are writing. Literature Marketplace - This global source is for authors interested in the publishing world.

The First Writer - undoubtedly an essential asset, First Writer is a great place for professionals to find editors, publishing houses and competitions. There is a free test version available. This site is a goldmine for new authors of all genres. In addition, those who register for the free email newsletters will get an 85-page e-book.

Be a writer today - This diary offers useful information and resources for new authors.

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