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In our video tutorials, you'll explore the writing style and basics of storytelling so you can generally write better - whether you're writing a book, scripting, or writing articles. Writing training & writing courses online with grammar checking software to improve your writing skills. Were you asked to write a grant application, but don't know where to start and can't get away for a personal lesson?

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There is no quicker way to gain or loose it. Luckily, efficient writing can be systematised and learned. However, it is much more than just proper grammar: you should be able to spell better and more quickly. Use proven strategy for your plans to reduce your writing costs - adapt your writing to your target group and present your argument in a logical way. Order and keep your readers' interest by writing breathtaking phrases and strong words - whether you are writing academically, professionally or commercially.

Understand new writing skills with hands-on sessions and get immediate response with suggested workarounds. Find out more about our online writing training.

Online Proposal Writing Course | Courses

Find out how to create a competitively priced offer! Were you asked to write a funding application, but don't know where to begin and can't get away for a personal lesson? With Foundation Center's online writing course, you can study at your own speed without having to leave your computer, or on the go with your portable dev!

This course is fully online and self-paced and gives you responsibility for your own study as you move through 15 sessions that cover all facets of bid creation. We provide you with many instructions with samples, spreadsheets and models to get you on your way to writing this one.

You have three month from the date of your order to use the course to complete it at your own speed! The Foundation Center's online writing course helps you take the writing skills of writing an ERC grant request gradually. Find out about the full range of applications, from covering letters to graduation and everything in between, as well as the online applications form.

Besides the criticism of application samples, the course offers a case survey that tracks the development of an application from beginning to end. The Foundation Center's online writing course contains 15 in-depth sessions. This course takes approximately 8-12 hrs of self-study work. You will receive an e-mail with directions on how to set up your own online Bridge accounts and a shortcut to your course.

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