Online Writing Programs for high School Students

On-line writing programs for high school students

We have a wide range of writing skills. Secondary School Process Writing Software Allows the students to practice their abilities while they study in a disciplined and supporting setting. Intense concentration - When students face difficulties, they can take advantage of various types of help. Explanation, hints, examples and skill repetition exercise will maximise your chances of success. Personalised feedback - Context-sensitive advice helps students take accountability for their shortcomings and gain student self-esteem.

Automated Scoring - With the help of our Teacher Program Manager, instructors are able to quickly identify the problem areas of students and schedule classes according to their needs. Find out more about how Merit is helping educators, mentors and students succeed in academia.

About our concept

A self-study course to improve orthography, punctuation, grammar and organisation is offered in classes 6 and 7. By providing in-depth and accurate writing input on each task, students will improve their writing skills, build their writing trust and their ability to use grammatical norms and convention in a clear, coherent and consistent manner.

The students should be writing 15-20 min. per days (5 days a week) to finish the schoolwork. Writing every single pen helps improve writing flow and self-confidence, and provides quick and accurate feedbacks that help students remain highly motivating and focussed and maximise uptime. The high-school writing programme uses demanding tasks and significant feed-back to help students get ready for high school writing.

8 A and 8 A Writing and Writing Course are specially conceived for eighth graders who are willing to acquire and practise new writing abilities, developing their own writing styles and gaining new perspectives on why writing is important. The students examine every stage of the writing processes (inquiry, sketching, design and revision) with care and reflection on the value of writing strategically.

With Writing 8 A, students are laying the groundwork for the sophisticated composition needed in school and college: well-constructed heels. This course covers gremmar, orthography and punctuation, phrasing and the development of unique writing style. If the students are proficient in typesetting and sales techniques, they are prepared to compose three and five sectiones.

The writing of 8B will help students to concentrate their thoughts, clear and evolve their thoughts and select communicative models that others can readily comprehend. This is why writing develops their self-confidence and improves their chances of succeeding in school, university and in the world. The students are taught to concentrate, explain and further refine their concepts in the form of three- and five-part articles.

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