Online Writing Instructor

On-line Instructor

Daily new Online Writing Instructor Jobs added. Lecturer supports academically gifted students enrolled in the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY) online writing course. Writing CTY Online Programs Instructor Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth is a non-profit organization devoted to the identification and development of the talent of academic K-12 graduates around the globe. The most talented pupils today are offered entertaining and demanding classes, a fellowship of committed apprentices and a solid basis for their school and career later.

Summary/Purpose: The teacher will support gifted academic graduates registered at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talent Youth (CTY) online writing course. Surveillance of students' success and support them in achieving the defined goals. Criticism writing alumni. Offer the pupils appropriate tasks. React to students' meta-cognitive reflexions about the writing task they have experienced.

Collaborate on your own with remote learning technology kids like Moodle, Adobe Connect, Skype and email. Give the pupils and their families prompt feedbacks about the course work and the learning progres. Writing progression and graduation assessments of students' achievements. Administer the behaviour and disciplines of your pupils in the online class room. Supporting the use of the online course administration system (web-based courses).

Notify your manager of any problems with your student, course materials, or system. A Bachelor's in English, composition, creative writing or rhetoric is necessary. Work with 9-17 year olds and talented pupils from different nationalities. Computers or other specific needs for the position: Knowledge of online educational technology such as Moodle, Adobe Connect and Skype.

Sitting in a sitting posture for a longer period of inactivity. The job also demands a certain amount of flexibility when working in an administrative setting; it may be necessary to bend down, kneel or stand during an event or presentation. Candidate( (s) for this post will undergo an examination before recruitment.

Any employee who participates in university programmes or serves minors must attend compulsory online trainings to prevent minors from abusing and neglecting them, and to report known or alleged minors of minors' abuses and negligence. Candidate( (s) for this post will undergo an examination before recruitment.

The Johns Hopkins institutions demand an infection vaccine or a licensed health or religion exemption from all staff who perform day-to-day service to or work in the field of health or hospital wards. Preoccupation physically for posts in clinics, labs, when working with volunteers or in collaborative contacts necessitates documenting the immunological state of the individual against rubella, measles, mumps, varicella (chickenpox), hepatitis B and documenting Tdap vaccinations (tetanus, diptheria, pertussis).

Hemoglobin assays for immunity to these illnesses are typically enclosed in pre-employment bodily testing except for those employees providing results of the hemoglobin assays or immunizations underpads from their own healers. Please note: Job postings are posted every day and stay online until completed.

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