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Writing Courses Reviews

Rankings of top writing online courses and MOOCs. That's why I've decided to try some of the best online creative writing courses. Writing Review - The Writer's Workshop I' m inspirited by the quality of the school. I' m more confident now, thanks to your courses. - Ellen Barton is writing from Seattle.

Can' t thank you enough for everything you taught me about making stories, scenes and characters in your writing lessons. Twenty years ago, you pushed me to file a novel I wrote in your grade at Seattle Weekly.

Janice Posada is a Hartford Courant author. Nick, I am so thankful for this chance to attend your summers workshop on The Writer's Workshop. I was in the middle of a big change in my working career in the middle of 2008. This writing course was the prelude to my new way as a gastronomy and winemaker on the eastern shore.

Now, as a Boston Globe winerecolumnist and critic, I frequently use the technique of writing narratively to involve the reader in the plot of a tale and turn daily life into exciting excitement. Thanks for creating a supporting writing classroom experience that has keyed my evolution as a pro-author.

Thanks for the great Follow The Story course. Eight wks have taken my writing a lot further than the four years I spend on my bachelor's in English. - Wendy Kendall is writing from Seattle, Washington. They must have done a goodjob with eleven people in high school. Six of us have written for them.

It had a big impact and I kept reading and reading my memos as I walked through my work. Your tutorials are turning my mind with tons of ways to communicate my own individual essaystyle. In Minnesota a few short months ago I took part in a text and writing convention where three of us actually wrote a face-to-face napkin essays at a welcoming event with a well-equipped lounge.

Would you like to know the art of writing narratively? Dr. Nick O'Connell is teaching time-honored principals with a relaxing approach in four entertaining courses. Nick has turned my writing carreer from a science explorer to a gripping narrator, from walnut graphic to texture, from plumb to highpoint. - Dr. David G. Embrey is a free-lance novelist from Puyallup, Washington.

It was a real pleasure and benefit to work through the writing processes with you in this course. - Katharine Maccornack, Ph.D., is a Summit, New Jersey-based author. All I wanted was for you to know what a huge change you've made in my writing career, and for you to agree with the great message that an article by me will be featured in a Seal Press manuscript, Ask Me About My Divorce:

  • Susan Carol Stein is a free-lance author from Seattle. So I really appreciate all your great online writing lesson feedbacks, especially the fact that you have gone through my writing very well. - Bob Sproule is a free-lance author from Klamath Falls, Oregon. Wanting to learn and exchange with you how much your course in non-fiction means to me for my work.

I' ve taken as much of your grade as possible. I was fortunate, thanks to what I learnt from you and Scott Driscoll, to become an apprentice at Seattle Magazine, then a free-lance author, and now I am the research editor for Seattle Magazine, Seattle Business Monthly and Northwest Home & Garden.

I attended your online course on Visual Nonfiction about six years ago. - Richard Stachurski is a free-lance author from Bellevue, Washington. Nick's teaching helps me find my own singular writing tone, and his passionate and sensitive reviews inspire me to turn a novel ideas into a work. I' d commend Nick's teaching to anyone interested in writing.

When I glued Nick O'Connell's painting "Stalking the Nonfiction Narrative" to the first design of my film. He then worked with me as a writing trainer and gave instructive feedbacks that allowed me to translate my history into a publication. During the whole lifecycle he was encouraging and advising me in all facets of writing and publication.

Nick, thank you for all your help and guidance: The courses, the feedbacks and the positiv approach to critique have all helped to make my suggestion a success. Your course layout and your affirmative approach to proposals have really changed my approach. Before attending Nick's course, I had experienced a flood of rejections - 79 for my own work.

Convincing me that the article I wrote for his grade was suitable for the New York Times Sunday Magazine's Live section, he urged me to write it. What better support for Nick's teachers? - Debra Borchert is a free-lance author located in Seattle, Washington.

ick is one of the most accessible and supportive writing instructors I have ever known. He is not only a good instructor, but also an experienced author himself, who knows all the peculiarities of music. I would not only advise his courses to beginners, but also to experienced authors who want to enhance and expand their skills.

Prior to taking Nick O'Connell's Creative Nonfiction course, I sent tales to writers with a falling belly. That' s how I ended up co-editing San Francisco Downtown Magazine just six month after Nick's class. Nick's course gave me the self-assurance and above all the skills I needed to make my story come alive.

Indeed, when I look at the advances I make as a novelist against those of my friend in top MFA programmes on the Eastern Seaboard, I think I have learnt a lot more. - Jo Ellen Warner is a free-lance author from Seattle, Washington. I have written the article with your help in the current edition of Newsweek.

  • John Hare's own essays "Tough Enough to Give up Snuff" was published in Newsweek. I' ve attended Professor O'Connell's Creative Nonfiction course by e-mail from France. Studying writing skills, reading and feed-back from the tasks is very efficient. - Mary C. Mascarella is a free-lance author located in Nice, France.

As a teacher, Nick O'Connell was a great help in enhancing my writing and editorial abilities. My own article I did for the group on my white water rafting tour was posted in Newsweek's "My Turn" section. - Judy Gelber is a free-lance author from Boca Raton, Florida. Nick's great grasp of humour, his sharp eyes for neat, convincing fiction and years of hands-on writing make studying fun and prosa.

He is a great instructor for the beginner and an outstanding trainer for the seasoned pro. - Allen Timmons is a Seattle-based employee of Underwire, Seattle Homes and Lifestyles and many other locations. Nick's writing lessons were crucial for me to start as a pro-author. His teaching is an outstanding blend of craftsmanship and commerce - both are indispensable for writing success.

I am thankful that he promoted my writing upbringing. This autumn I will be studying Creative Non-Fiction at the University of Idaho's MFA-Programme. - Jeff Jones is a free-lance author located in Moscow, Idaho. It was Nick O'Connell's writing lessons that really opened my mind to the use of fictitious technique (dialogue, detailing, characterization) in my non-fiction book.

Writings I made for Creative Nonfiction were later recorded in Inside the Pike Place Markets (1999). I' d suggest Nick's lessons to other authors looking for directing and inspirations. - Braiden Rex-Johnson is a gastronomy, winemaking and travelling novelist and is also the editor of the bestseller Pike Place Cookbook (2003).

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