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University of Calgary Weiterbildung Weiterbildung Encouraged to put your pens on the table and start or keep your creativity going? And if so, then this focussed programme of certificates is for you. This programme will cover many facets of the writers' worlds, from authoring and proofreading, to researching and authoring in various disciplines, to publication and promotion of their work.

Finish the programme by having a part of your work assessed in the concluding course by a publishe authors who will accompany and motivate you in your work. Featuring a versatile and engaging on-line programme that allows you to understand the theories behind your typing as well as gain access to teacher and pupil feedbacks on what you have posted.

A number of classes are also available in the schoolroom. Many of the classes are held by publishers and have won numerous prizes both nationally and internationally. It is one of three write certification programmes that are available via further education. Although some classes are sometimes held in the classrooms on the central campsite, this certification is available entirely on-line.

Learn on-line is a way of covering the full schedule by removing the study experiences from the conventional schoolroom. It' s the process of studying that depends on the web to gain exposure to teaching material and to interact with teachers and classmates. You work in this on-line programme within the planned start and end times as well as the allocation periods.

We strongly recommend that you login to the university's on-line educational program three to four days aweek to keep up with classes. BMC 352 is a compulsory course in this certification, which must be taken before all other training programs. You may be entitled to an intermediate course if you have recently taken a fully immersive on-line course.

They must fill out the on-line job applications sheet and must make a non-refundable payment for the previous evaluation. The on-line programme allows you to run this programme at a speed that suits your needs and timetable. A 200-hour programme. Each student must take the four main classes and at least one course in the field of music.

Most of the rest can be done with either genres or electives. We strongly recommend that you take the main course before taking more. It is a self-study programme that many of our current and future graduates take between 12 and 18 month. Please contact a study adviser to find out whether this programme can be followed up quickly.

Important: The student is required to be fluent in foreign languages at an academic and academic environment, which includes a good command of German, French, grammar, terminology and written communication. Those who need these abilities can take WRI 110 at the beginning of the programme and qualify as one of the electives. While you can take classes first and enroll for the certification later, we encourage you to enroll in the certification programme as early as possible, as the programmes may vary.

If you are at least 18 years old, you will be accepted into the programme. It is not necessary to have a certificate or other qualification in order to register for this programme. The application for the voucher is a three-step process: Hand in two imaginative proofs. Altogether 6 - 10 pages, two lines, are needed (poetry proofs can be shorter).

You will be tested by an author/instructor who will be included in the programme and you will receive your letter in writ. Evaluating your letter will help secure your creativity and certification programme performance by helping to identify your strength, choice of genres and room for improvements. Prior to evaluating your paper checks, you must make a $50 (non-refundable) fee for the assessment of paper checks.

Once approved, you will be asked to fill out the request for certification and a $95 registration charge. In the case of equally good, grade-graded courses taken at other post-secondary establishments, students may be awarded progressive status. Up to 60h can be credited to this certification. Once you have met the prerequisites for another University of Calgary certification, you may be able to move some of your points between the programmes.

See the Transferability section in the certification programmes you have concluded for more information. The sum of Transferability and Advanced Standing Points may not be more than 100h. You will get a 5% reduction per course if you register for three or more classes at the same induction.

Please sign up on-line or by phone at 403-220-2866. There may be some limitations (i.e. all classes must take place within the course of the year. Please note: BMC 352 Learning On-line and WRI 500 Createwriting Final Project are not discountable. Earned undergraduates are not only honoured for their achievements in academia, but also for their commitment to society.

Undergraduates in this programme may be eligible:

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