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Milsons Point, NSW, Australian Writers' Centre. Turn your literary and creative writing skills into a unique talent and study Deakin's postgraduate studies, the Master of Arts (Writing and Literature). Courses in Writing and Journalism | Learning Cloud Australia Now, the best and most natural response to "Where do I go?" is learning cloud. Providing its pupils with many different classes and prospects in an entertaining and engaging study setting.

You' create a little bit of your own if you decide to take down your own or others' stories.

All you have to do is get going, and there's no better place than the Learning Cloud. You' re working with a team of highly skilled and enthusiastic individuals whose primary objective is your personal and professional development. Learning Cloud offers many different kinds of literacy and media classes for you. You can take a variety of classes and find out where your passions are.

You may find that you want to be a prolific author and be a novelist. You may find that your inner painter is a lyricist and you want to start composing poems. Perhaps you have an inner engineering side and you find that learning material or manuals are what makes you smile.

That' s the nice thing about a Learning Cloud. Lerning Cloud wants to make you a winner. You' re working with a great staff of experts in an up to date study setting, you can select your on-line course in media and find out what you really like and you'll be very busy after the exam.

Making a choice other than Learning Cloud?

12/weeks Food & Wine Writing Course | Online Study

Were you so influenced by good eating and drinking that you went to the restaurants, purchased the proposed wines and tried the described cuisine? Are you a regular reader of a particular meal or a particular bottle of wines because you enjoy your writings and have faith in their wisdom? Exactly what makes good eating and typing good?

Where can I get my meal and my wines public? It can be part of this programme or it can be an individual group. Attention: This device is no longer available for registration.

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