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I personally think the best place to meet other authors is writing platforms. A lot of writers struggle to build a community around them as artists. That' s exactly what you can do in this community. The Writer's Helper has created a writing community on the web where authors can interact with each other. Simply know that online communities tend to die out quickly.

Which are the best online authoring community?

There' are a number of astonishing places to get in touch with other authors! For my part, I think the best place to get in touch with other authors is writing forums. A Word with You Press is my favourite - authoring, publication and website service. It was so well received that they chose to hold another one, and finally the competitions became a major show.

But the best part is, yes, all works can be viewed online by everyone. This site has its own members and that creates a feeling of community (some even say "family"). As with a Community/Familie reicht das Rückser hart ("Votre histoire n'a pas sa place ici") bis konstruktiv ("Envisagez de rendre le dialogue moins parfait pour donner plus de profondeur à vos personnages").

The Freelance Worlders Den -- Propriété de Carol Tice. The Be a Freelance Blogger Forums, by Sophie Lizard. Welcome -- SERIOUS BLOGGER' s only blogger is one of the biggest I know, Jon Morrow. Love the community. I used to be a member, but I'm not so much into online community anymore.

WritersCafe. org | The online writing community is a great place to meet other writers/editors and get ideas about designs and ways to make them better and become a better one. For me there are scribophiles, an award-winning community that can help write and edit reviews. You had great success with those who came from there to the real writing community, with large publishing houses (such as Simon & Shulster) publishing them.

Expert AgentQuery Connect for manuscript review, publication or self-publication suggestions, and general writing hints and upsides. Absoulute writing is well-liked and well-managed. The Mibba is a great place for young authors to meet and make contacts. There is also an energetic community. It is a favorite place to go for everything from sci-fi to a heel.

Such as, this community is entirely devoted to writing scholarly works, especially arguing Essays.

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