Online Writing Classes for high Schoolers

Writing lessons for high school students

for college, high school students. In addition, we have three online classes covering the same content. High-school students who have not yet learned the basic academic essay format. Iowa Young Writers' Studio now offers online courses for high school students! Schools of Correspondence offer a variety of courses for high school students.

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Our classes are conceived and delivered by teachers who are professionals in their field, modeling the methodologies, abilities, standards and mental practices of each discipline, and each faculty culminating in post-AP and college class. Analyse how text generates significance at the levels of the words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs or inscriptions.

Build a set of analytic and philosophy abilities that can be used in both academia and government.

About our concept

Williamsburg's high schools writing classes give the pupils the strength of the English culture, the classes take place twice a week and invites them to participate actively through discussions and practical work. The writing programme is aimed at pupils of all different grades. The classes are multifaceted and focus on linguistic art and rhetoric.

Classic is a course that provides communicative abilities within the context of topics that address the student's intrinsic passion and interests. This course has some elementary writing aptitudes, but requires medium level writing techniques such as speaking, researching, writing articles and polishings.

The Writing & Rhetoric (Honors A/B) course is aimed at those who already have fundamental research, composition and knowledge of the grammatical structure in order to improve their writing aptitudes. Undergraduates will assess and analyse their own writing styles to create personalised writing solutions that enhance their communication and rhetoric abilities. The books analyse the novel, shorts, speeches and much more and enable the pupils to use them in their own work.

Course pace is quicker and stricter than the Classic course. During the first few days of the course, the mentor will evaluate each student's skills to verify that they are in the right course. The majority of pupils attend Writing & Rhetoric Classic or Honorsin 9th grades, and completion of one of these classes is a prerequisite for this.

Pupils who want more writing experience beyond the ninth class should attend our magazine course, which is open to pupils of all age groups, helping them to grasp the importance of writing in our society and giving them the chance to work on our student magazine The Burger Gazette. Pupils from our ninth graders' writing classes can use the journalistic services to achieve their desired written performance.

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