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Self-employed paperwork for authors who want to be paid. A professional freelance author researches and handpicks new writing jobs. Writing jobs online for professionals. We have creative writing work waiting for you! You will learn how to write academic papers, including case study reports, laboratory reports and reflective texts with the help of guides written by writing consultants.

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  • Unique - Genuine (handwritten) contents needed - NO counterfeit - NO article to copy or rotate - NO rewrite other articles - NO fuzz - Text supplied is thoroughly examined for authenticity and counterfeit by various online and off-line tools such as Google's Phrasensuche, Copyscape, Plagiatpr├╝fung, smalSEOtools, Viper and other.

ALL CONTENT: WE RESPECT AND APPROVE ONLY THE ORIGINALS. necessary writer qualifications: - mother tongue Englisch - writing knowledge - Englisch knowledge (grammar, Punct and spelling) must be perfect. - You can buy a set amount for each item. - There is long-term work, more papers have to be published.

  • Please note that all items must be at least 1500 words or more of high qualitiy and fluency in English. TRANSACTION: What kind of required contents do I need a blog posting about a babyname and meaning website. Required words I need at least 1000 words Purpose of my contents The blog posts will be added to a website's blog about child name and meaning in the Article section, which contains items about child name classes.

From what point of view should the scripture come? Blog posts should use a first-person (us) and second-person (you) story-tell. The blog entry is aimed at expectant mothers aged 18-45 from the USA. Contentwise demands The item should refer to a class of child name ( "Rare Boys Names" for example) that new or expectant parent chooses when looking for child name and meaning for their heirs.

Beneath the item I need a listing of 50 titles and terms for the class (defined in the assignment), but I want at least 10 celeb titles with terms or more that are designated as samples within the item's contents. I need historic information about the name categories and in which country and language they are most commonly used.

Why should a parent pick this particular class of name for their baby? Here are a few words about prominent people and their choice of name for the respective categories. I' d like to give information about which are the most favorite titles in this catagory (for the last available year), on the basis of trend or from the rankings of last year's titles (link removed) or other applicable resources like (link removed) (link removed) (link removed) (link removed) You get a listing of some key words that you can add to your text.

3 ) No item spins. 6 ) The author must accept that the item will be posted without his name or alias and will certainly be supplemented with more contents over the years. 2 ) This is a long-term job for us (more than 4 items per weeks required). I' m looking for creativ / blogs authors to extend my online label.

This online-shop sells sextoys for adults. The contents must be associated with sexual games. Feel free to post as many items as you like. Every item should be 100% individual and copy should pass copy ccape. There is no woven or rewritten contents. Knowing 500 words per item of S&E is a plus Please make sure you are very good in English, if not, then please do not do it.

Understanding the key value and then creating the contents for me.

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