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Can you tell me what Microsoft Office 365 is?

Microsoft Office 365 Suites is a host-enabled, on-line edition of the traditionally deployed Microsoft Office family. It is a subscription-based solution that comprises Office, Exchange and SharePoint as well as Lync and Microsoft Office Web Apps. With the Microsoft Office 365 Suites, Microsoft's cloudservice is delivered, eliminating a company's IT management needs such as patches and infrastructural supporting cost.

End consumers benefit from accessing Office 365 offers from any web-connected devices. An IT administrator uses a Web-based gateway to connect to the Microsoft Office 365 suite to create new account settings, manage feature requests, and view the state of all Office 365 products and applications.

The functions of Microsoft Word 365 differ greatly according to your subscriptions. Microsofts has developed subscriptions for home use, business IT and everything in between. Microsofts Microsoft Word 2016 is a set of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote based Microsoft Word tools.

Various releases of the software package contain extra office apps such as Outlook, Publisher and Access. There are a number of Office 2016 Office products available, including Home and Student, Home and Business, and Professional. Microsoft included in each Office 2016 release varies by suites. Office 365, by comparison, is a subscriptionservice with a wide range of schedules.

While some of these packages are substantially the same as the Office 2016 suite, the subscriber pays a subscription based on whether they purchase the Office 2016 suite on a per month or per year basis. While some Office 365 subscription products are for home or professional users and include Office apps, others are for IT organizations and offer server-side apps such as Microsoft Exchange or SharePoint Online.

What has Microsoft Office 365 done to simplify your organization's IT processes?

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