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Offering well-paid technical paperwork for professional English-speaking freelance authors from the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Self-employed technical paperwork is a dream job for many people who want to work remotely. Authors working from home have the possibility to work online. It is wrong to believe that only creative writing specialists can edit and sell their articles online. You are a job seeker with a talent or desire to learn how to write technical papers?

Top 10 freelance technical writing jobs online in July 2018

All I need is for my https://mobiviki. com to be a good contributor to my website with good search engine optimization skills and if you are good enough, the job is too long for you. We are a US IT system integration company offering consultancy and deployment support for portals, web/mobile app development, application/data integration (SOA, microservices, ETL, BPM), DevOps, CRM, databases, business intelligence, data warehousing and more.

We' re looking for support in the creation of thought-leaders for our corporate blogs, which are published under the name of an employee of our group. Wherefore do you need a CMS to create your website? Make your lives easier with Liferay's OSGi Microservices Top 5 Disruptive Digital Experience Patterns Top 5 Digital Experience Patterns Top 5 Date Integration Trends to Watch for in 2018 You may need to research the issue, possibly talk to an analyst in our firm (for example, we can tell you the 5 date integrating tendencies that we want you to highlight), and post appealing article (700-1500 word) similar to https://www.

You can also use my own com/digital-experience-platform-overview/ or https://www.linkedin. com/pulse/digital-transformation-done-right-liferay-dxp-vivek-agarwal/ (both are my own writings). Initially you offer only for 1 item - "Top 5 Rationale for choosing using LCLIFAY DXP" or "5 Rationale for using LCLIFAY DRXP to build your publicly accessible website and your client portal" based on the contents of https://www.liferay. com/digital-experience-platform.

In order to be taken into consideration, you must have experience in developing and be able to present technical ideas in a legible form and attach 2 work examples that are in the same field, or if you want to go beyond that, record one of the above mentioned themes, make an inventive introductory note of the theme (~200 words) and hand it in.

This could be a continuous commitment for the next few years for the right semi-technical author with a marketable aura. Might be to find a firm to support us or to ask for a one-time monetary present. CloudRadio Services is hosting thousands of small web radios that provide simple and convenient connectivity to technologies such as SHOUTcast and Icecast.

This is the part I am looking for a gifted author who can make good contents that can be realized. You will also need to post technical contents (such as) and take a screen shot to provide guidance to the users (SaaS and desk top software). Perfect Writing Skills Creative and Unparalleled Contents Interest in the broadcast and musical industries Good knowledge of writing skills in order to generate more revenue.

We' re looking for a good technical English-Arabic interpreter with many years of experience in technical document and policy work. - A Candidat must have a technical translational backgrounds - a good mastery of English and Arabian - a native speaker of Arabian - the topic of interpretation is business vocabulary - the theme of interpretation is "corporate governance" using the industrial standardsanguage.

Contents Available in PPT version, includes footers and spreadsheets for translation only serious and seasoned people. In addition, the firm will work in the field of corporate welfare with our talents department to find work remotely for trafficked people and extremist ideology. It will perform various duties throughout the organization, record these as standard operating procedures and then forward them to a new employee.

They will then take on other responsibilities within the company and do the same with these new operations. We are looking for an industry analyst to create case study stories that tell the history of our B2B clients using our English language online networkings.

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