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Study online and earn valuable references from top universities like Yale, Michigan, Stanford and leading companies like Google and IBM. Build your first technical document by applying Pro Writer's principles and techniques of technical writing. You can learn technical writing with these free online courses and training programs. Locate and compare accredited online technical diplomas by ratings, rankings and reputation. Attend the new webinar "Technical Writing Course Essentials" and learn the five most important tips and tricks for writing an instruction manual.

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A free online textbook for technical writing

Editor's note: Since this article was released, the free online text book is no longer available. You can also get the book here at Amazon. Everyone is trying to cut costs today, so the search for free resource can be perfect for any company's technical editing, documenting or information format.

As policies are changing and policies are adapting to the company's needs, David A. McMurrey's free online book "Power Tools for Technical Communication" can be a good place to start for a new technical author - or anyone interested in determining if this is a careers path for him.

The Technical Writing Certificate Program at Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, New York, or the Austin Community College (ACC) in Austin, Texas. The website provides the reader with information on various technical writing subjects, which are divided into five sections:

It is thorough, well organised and still of relevance to most technical editors today. Whilst up-to-date information is always highly recommendable, it is useful to learn more about the technical writing area on this page. Free technical editing tools provide a good place for HR, education and documentary services to assign potential and already recruited technical editors to a course on how to make their work more efficient.

This can also be a good place to start for trainees and those who are considering a professional transition.

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