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This site is great resources for future storytellers. The Writer's Journey is written by Storytech Literary Consulting. Freelancer's Survival Guide is a complete free online book about survival as a freelancer. This page allows you to easily add images to create a beautiful multimedia story. On-line novel and essay writing courses and courses.

Make money online: 92 websites that writers are paying $ 50 +

Suffused from writing for pence (or peanut or what cliché for crackppy reward you prefer) and willing to make money online for genuine? That' s why Carol began payin' back for poles a few years - and why she increased her rate to $75+ last autumn. That' s why we are updating our schedule of sites that regularly make payments.

We' ve added new stores we've heard about in the last 6 month and we' ve taken out sites that have postings below $50 in category. On some occasions, these sites keep exactly what they are paying for at Q.T.. We' ve also deleted pages that currently do not accept pitch, which has erased most of the write-focused pages.

Places where you only have a chance to earn $50 by writing on bsp, or sites built on people or a click. It ranges from education and rope to writing and doing a job, so there should be something for everyone. B. Michelle Pippin will pay $50-$150 for business-related items.

Going back to college is paying $55+ for items tailored to the needs of people returning to work. You are looking for jobs in the areas of administrative, commercial, networking, recruitment and HR. Hangout CEO is paying $50 if you agree it with the publisher - submit a bid and bargain the fee before writing the item.

Contributions on the CEO's life style, track records, interviewing and other news items of interest to executives. The DailyWorth will pay $150 for items about womens and family. 50 for individual financial items that specifically concentrate on capital. eCommerce Insiders will pay $60-$150 for items over online retail.

The FreelanceMom company will pay $75-$100 for contributions for managing a company as a parentalent. RefreshBooks (yup that the same billing site Carol recommends) will pay $200 per mail and up. Adorns has launched a new online publication named Grow Magazine, which will pay $50+ for funding writing targeted at millennia. com with the STORY in your thread.

RevenueDiary is paying $50-$200 for items about making cash online, which includes online search engine optimization, affiliated selling and newsgrowth. The modern farmer allegedly paid around 150 dollars for items. Work Online blogs are charged $50 per posting. Accepting first-person reports on the beneficial impact of Orthodox Judaism on daily lives, Aish paid $200 on expos.

Cosmopolitan. com is paying $100 for papers on school. Lady allegedly spends $200 on articles. The Essig Magazine is offering $100 for essay about a person's own experiences. Establishment will pay $125 and more for narrated histories and essay. The Guideposts pay $250 for Christmas articles. Light House will pay $100 for essay collection by authors who are either partially sighted or not.

Narrative is paying $200-300 for 2000 - 2500 word assays on certain subjects. Supposedly, the New York Times Contemporary Love columns pay up to $300 for articles on any subject that could be considered contemporaryism. Rock's paying $200 for articles on women's affairs. The Vox First Person allegedly spends in the $400 region for one-on-one articles of about 1,500 words.

$oJane spends $50 on papers about weird things that have been happening to you, favorite fashions or fashions you've tried, and other women-oriented themes. Time, Inc. bought it. Parent. co does not publish slippery papers on parenthood and familial matters. You' re paying $50+ per mail. Fountain Genealogy (the New York Times parent-ing blog) is paying $100.

Anxiety Foundation is paying $50 for psychological healthcare products. Atlantic online medical department allegedly paid $200. The BBC UK does not release their wage rates, but I have seen accounts from 350 to 1,000 dollars for various BBC sites. The Bitch Magazine website is paying for popular cultural content. BookingBrowse is paying for review! I hear the Daily Beast is paying $250 and more.

And Gawker Media allegedly is paying $250 for featured articles and stories on its line of websites that include Deadspin, Jezebel and more. Gawker. com was closed in August 2016. getsAbstract allegedly will pay $300 for longer booksummaries ("2,000-4,000 words"). And Gothamist will pay $50-$150 for new york stories. Now HowlRound is paying $50 for blogs about theatre - managing and promoting, game making and writing, and so on.

International Wine Accessories blogs pay $50 and more for items. knitty has increased knitwear and pattern prices to $120-$200. LifeSette will pay $100-$200 for educational, political, religious, medical, and popular cultural items. List verses pay $100 for long (1,500 words) listings on various subjects. Pastes pay $50+ for entries in many different areas.

You can get up to $350 from com. Reputedly Refinery29 is paying $75 and more for slide shows, stories and essay on various subjects. Parlour will pay $100-$200 for towers and featured reports, even very long. The magazine allegedly paid up to $600 to establish freelance professionals for newscasts. Plaque is paying for editorials about Jews' messages, thoughts and cultures.

The TwoPlusTwo Magazine is paying $200 for inventive contributions to the game. you are posting article for six month after the copyrights return to the author so you can resell copyrights or Post it on your own blogs. UPWORDY will pay $150-$200 for 500 word items. YouTango will pay $50 for contributions on loving, sexual, traveling, spiritual well-being and pretty much anything else that concerns your interrelations.

You' re paying $200 an item. Sells $200 and $200 in composite data base loans for items on data bases. Graphic Designschool's Graphic Designs School blogs are paying $100-$200 for items and tutorials about Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Open Text Tool. INENI is paying $50-$200 for contributions covering Check Point Firewall, F5 Balancer or Palo Alto Networks Firewall.

At Linode we pay $250 for Linux, Socket. io, NoSQL database, gameserver, Open Chance and Web RTC items. Site-Point will pay $100-$150 for HTML, Ruby, CSS, PHP, and more content. The Genesis Topic and WordPress Frameworks are available for $100. The Tuts+ will pay $100 and more for a tutorial on various technology, which includes web designing and Flash.

Once operated a family of 16 different blogging sites, but now it all comes together on a web site that includes designs, games, photos, writing and more. WorldCandy will pay 6-10 Cent per words for ghost-written songs via WordPress - these will appear on some of the bigger WordPress blogs like WPMUDBDEVE.

The WPHub will pay $100-$200 for contributions to web site development and best practice and other WordPress Themes. $125-$200 Big Grey Horse page for contributions about Texas - photographs must be in it. Cultivation and cuisine pay $200 per item. The Desert Times is paying $50-$100 for tales of the desert of North America and the cultures and lifestyles of the local population.

Find Your Life Overseas will pay $75 for items about businesses that offer enough money for US ex-patients. International Wine Accessories blogs pay $50 and more for items. Salt ( "NPR's World of Food Blog") allegedly costs $200+. Clear Voice is a plattform to link blogger with brand in different niche markets, as well as picking contributions for your own blogs.

Pay around 35 Cent per words for her freelance online journal. FREEOM with Writing will pay $50+ for listings of paid publishing houses. That' s right, this $75-$100 post for guests, according to the level of research and sophistication. Please be sure to carefully review our policy, especially our active thread searches.

Woman writing for $50-$150. Write Life will pay for some contributions - you need to bargain your tariff. Please review the policies and articles you have already written before opening any of these pages.

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