Online Short Story Competition

On-line Kurzgeschichten competition

Participate in our writing contest online through the WorldPay or PayPal payment system. On-line entries are confirmed by the receipt of your payment at PayPal by e-mail. Money prizes for short stories are very rare, especially in India. This website called Motachasma keeps you informed about competitions and the like. Entries can only be accepted online.


Many thanks to all writers who submitted the award. We are working on choosing the 10 histories to be released in Fish Anthology 2018. Launched in 1994, the Fish Short Story Award has become a fixture in the literature calender. Tonight's judges, celebrated short story author Billy O'Callaghan, will choose 10 short story titles to be featured in Fish Anthology 2018.

The Things we Loose, The Things We leave Behind and In Too Deep, Billy O'Callaghan's two short story novels, have heralded a new, uncommon gift on the international and Ireland stages and won numerous heralds. The Dead House, his first novel, was nominated for the Costa Award this year.

Fish Anthology 2018 will be presented during the West Cork Literary Festival (July 2018). The yearly Fish Books was for many of our editors a springboard to a succesful work. The Critique Service is for those who need an evaluation of their work before or at any point in the competition.

Firstly - 3.000 - (1.000 for travelling costs to the start of the anthology) plus a one-week literary workshops during the West Cork Literary Festival. Information about the previous second price winner and their residences can be found here. Each of the ten writers who have been released will be given five anthologies and will be asked to attend the West Cork Literary Festival in July.

Registration is made online, if necessary also by mail. As often as you like. The short story competition is open to authors of all nationalities who write in English. Winners must be available for the manuscript and must therefore not have been previously publish. After one year from the date of release, publishers' copyrights are returned to the writer.

Once a story has been inserted, it cannot be changed or replaced. The name and contacts must not appear on the story (in the field available for online entry, on a seperate page when typing by post). a) Authors who have two short story publications in Fish Anthologies may only participate three years after their second one.

You can participate in other fishing contests. b ) Earlier first price winner may reapply but are not entitled to the first price. They can register online or by mail. Alternatively, the cheapest way is online entry. Getting in online: In order to join online, click on: and obey the directions. ENSURE THAT YOUR NAME AND YOUR CONTACTS ARE NOT ON THE STORY.

Your story and name are associated with each other as soon as you join. As one arrives by mail: Book: The Fish Short Story Award, Durrus, Bantry, Co. CancĂșn, Ireland. As the short story prize is awarded on an anonymous basis, please do not give your name or your personal data on any of the story pages.

Insert all your contacts on a seperate page. Tales are not given back.

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