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ASOS, based in the UK, is one of the most popular online shopping destinations for fashion-conscious shoppers around the world. On-line and distance selling rules for businesses. Here are the best sites to use and some tips for making those sales. Facebook/Whatsapp groups were the best and easiest way to sell your products online. Grow Global's Sarah Carroll gives tips for international online sales through websites and e-commerce for first-time exporters.

Are you fed up with eBay? On Etsy, Depop and Folksy instead.

The EBay is the UK's biggest online market place with more than 19 million people. While not as well known as eBay, their fan bases are expanding rapidly. Etsy, established in 2005, is on the trail of eBay with more than 1. 4m vendors and 19. This website concentrates mainly on handcrafted and antique articles, with the vast number of vendors selling bizarre works of art, unique jewelry and antique clothes and furnishings.

Charges: Ebays fees: It is limited to 250 pounds each. There are PayPal charges. Store salespeople can select from three different subscriptions, according to how many offers they make each month. 6 pieces, dependent on the kind of article. You probably never even knew Depop, but the UK-based online application is probably the simplest way to make a sale in today's market: simply take a photo of your article on your mobile device, put it on Depop, post it on Facebook and Twitter and sit back and watch for someone to make the sale.

Tolls: It is free to be downloaded and the listings are also free, but Depop will charge a 10 piece charge on the overall cost of each purchase. The products offered on the website vary from clothes and aesthetics to household goods and gardening. Tolls: A one-time entry charge of 199 (plus VAT) applies, but thereafter there are no extra costs for posting articles.

More than 8 million people visit Gumtree every single months, with about one million new ads per weeks. Vendors on the site usually publish offers for cars, furnishings and equipment. Charges: When you sell a vehicle, the first two ads are free, with all following offers being calculated at £15 each.

As with Gumtree, some vendors can post ads on Preloved for free. Charges: If you are selling an article on Preloved, there are no offer or sales charges. She is currently offering a one-month free evaluation version of her commercial member. She has more than 15,000 UK designer and manufacturer who are selling their goods on the site, and about 250,000 visits per month. What's more, she has more than 15,000 UK design professionals and manufacturers selling their goods on the site.

Hand-made accessoires and jewelry as well as hand-made stationary are for the sales. Charges: Related eBay sells for more than £130. Charges: Here is our selection of the top five'Freebie' sites.

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