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Quickly and easily sell your business online with the largest marketplace in the UK. Help you sell your business quickly and for the right valuation. The Bizdaq is the service you can rely on when selling your business. They use their sales platform to give them a part of your turnover. And the good news is that you don't have to reinvent the wheel to build a very successful business.

Sell a UK Business Online Fast & Ease

Selling your business within the first 5 month gives you £99 cash back. Emphasize your business with this striking eye-catcher, plus extra pictures. Capable of generating up to 50% more business view than regular offers. Dalton's Private Seller promotional campaign will include your company and email it to Dalton's business customers (73,000 - Jan 2017).

Dalton's business data is transmitted through Dalton's corporate networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

I want to make a sale - Quicker sale with Bizdaq

Where can I find out how to dispose of my company? Your first stage in selling your business is an evaluation. It is the point of departure for your sales and helps you through your sales. Use our free evaluation tools to determine the value of your company. When you depend on saisonal trading, you begin to make sales before the hectic time.

Shoppers want business that are growing, so commencing before, rather than after, a busy bout will make your business more interesting to prospective customers. Every prospective purchaser will want to see your company's finance records. You must prep your profit and loss account, balance sheet and everything else about the company's finance either before or during the company's presence on the open markets.

Keeping these documentation at your fingertips will help accelerate the sales processes. When you have found the right moment to dispose of your business, complete your finance documentation and find value, the next stage is to offer it for purchase. When you use a real estate agent, they will manage the company's sales and buyer search, but will take an upfront fee and a percent of the amount earned on your company as comission.

With Bizdaq as an online sales representative, you have much more complete sales management controls, and don't come close to the costs of a real estate agency. To find a purchaser is one of the most important and potentially trickiest parts of selling a business. Like when selling a home, it is unlikely that you will immediately find the right purchaser, so keep several prospective purchasers interested in case a business fails.

As soon as you receive an estimate for your company, the next stage is to assess and work out the best for you. Quotations can be unique to the purchaser - some purchasers want you to enter a hand-over phase while others are willing to take over the business.

It is crucial to find an offering that fits both sides. You' ve divested your company!

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