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The NOOK Press is an online self-publishing website for independent authors and publishers. Childle Direct allows authors to use other pages for self-publication. There is nothing more disappointing in a self-published book than poor publication quality. Also, here are a few reasons why you should create your own website and save it if you want self-publication success:. Independent Mosh helps Australian authors to publish their masterpieces themselves.

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You' ve completed your work. Books are always open to new, groundbreaking contents, histories and know-how. What is the best way to get your textbook to a wide public in all parts of the globe? We have the answer to your publishers' problem for you. Never mind sluggish negotiation, meeting with publishers and small emoluments.

So you can manage your own books and still get paid for your own work. In" How to publish your book" you got to know the pros and cons of classic publication of books by retail/company. The self-publication of a self-published eBook is simple, fast and will allow your eBook to cross a large number of lands and civilizations.

Luckily, there are great websites for newcomers. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishers release your books in less than five mins. Comps up to 70% on customer purchases in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, India, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and more. The Lulu is an open publisher site with more than 20000 books in its catalogue and over a million writers.

You are free to release your work and receive 80% of the total turnover. The CreateSpace is a books, audio and videocenter for everyone who wants to release their work. Part of the Amazon group, the business can quickly appeal to billions of people through the Amazon Kindle Store. You are an independant author?

BooksBaby pledges to end the denials and will do everything to distribute your books in the remotest parts of the globe. Barnes & Noble's Nook Press is an on-line self-service platform where writers post their eBooks and sell them through the Barnes & Noble eBookstores.

Only available for US publishing houses. BooksTango is an eBook publishing house with over 170000 tracks. Create a artwork, inform about your contents, release and resell it. To be the biggest on-line reading room in the word, with fun, information and originality from every writer in the game. Browse, post and collaborate on your work.

With Blurb, you can release and advertise breathtaking, high-quality printed and iPad book titles. Receive 100% of your royalty on printed book and 80% of your selling rate on an e-book.

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