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"There' s a good enough explanation why I wanted Scott to be the offical blacklist screenwriter. "Tom Benedek is a schoolmaster, author and trainer who invests the additional resources and efforts to ensure that every history he tells has a necessary use. And his experience with personalities and storytelling is illustrated by the way he goes his way to make sure that screenplays deliver the emotive puncture that will remind us why we became scriptwriters in the first place.

" "One of those few finds as a schoolteacher is Scott - someone whose untiring dedication to teaching and help others reach their full potentials never falter. It has a hand for seeing a novelist - and giving them feed-back - even though the script requires a great deal of work - that develops the novelist instead of disassembling them - and allows them to go back to the side and start over again - getting better every second.

I' ve learnt so much and it was a really great place to try out new things and get real, supporting intonation. "Tom is great at working with - - a beautiful screenwriter and TVgwriter. "I have known Scott for a few years, and it's my first finding of his exquisite Go Into the Story blogs, an inestimable source for authors in films and TV.

I have known him ever since as an unbelievably gifted, competent and generously gifted master of the write. He is also a first-class author and a marvelous instructor. "I have never had more influence on my teaching than Tom Benedek. As well as my diploma thesis with Tom at USC, I benefited from both'Network Hollywood' and'Writing the Original Pilot Script' at

" Thomson Benedek and Scott Myers have authored tens and tens of essays for every large Hollywood studios and broadcasting group. Sharing their enthusiasm for narrative techniques, they provide a unique access to every author they work with. The two long-serving members of the Writers' Guild of America, Western, Scott and Tom have made several great films.

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