Online Screenwriting Workshop

Screenwriting Workshop

5050 - An online screenwriting workshop The 5150 is a privately held on-line script writing course led by Max Adams. This 5150 series of workshops is designed to give scriptwriters a place to give and get feedbacks on current work, ready-made screenplays, ideas in design and new project management strategy - within a secure, professional and personal web-family. The AFW and Max classes and workshops are mostly 5150 members. However, the 5150 workshops are not restricted to AFW and Max students only. If you are not an alumnus, we also welcome non-alumni who are distinguished by their skills and energy.

Every member of the garage must have a good sense of humour, skills, craftsmanship, motivation and the capacity to interact well with others.

There is a three month min. duration of the workshops. 5,150 is not a short-term obligation. Attendees are encouraged to accompany the workshops over a longer timeframe and give back as much as they take in relation to input, motivation, feedback and group involvement. It is an ONLINE-Workshop.

On Thursday evening there are on-line chat rooms on a weekday evening and sometimes visiting professors take part in them. Previous Gästen Gästen gehören Jeff Lowell[Spin City, The Drew Carey Show], David Trottier[The Screenwriter's Bible], Franklin Leonard[The Black List], Terri Edda Miller[Castle], Eric Red[The Hitcher], Shawna Benson[The 100], Terry Rossio[Shrek, Pirates of the Carribean] - undere andere.

5150 The attendees declare their agreement to the following points: 1 ] You acknowledge that 5150 is a personal discussion board and that topics and personal works that are being debated and criticized therein may only be debated within and/or among other workshops attendees, and you will not be discussing or distributing them outside these sacred electrical barriers or with non-workshop attendees outside the 5150 workshops forums.

Works in 5150 are the personal mental possession of their initial poster and any postings, commentaries and/or suggestions published by you as a contestant critic within the forums are free and non-binding and in no way give rise to or authorize you to any financial and/or prospective rewards, perks, credits or rights to material that has been post for criticism by contestants in 5150.

Understanding that participating in the 5150 Forums is a privileged, not a warranty or claim, and that interruption of the Forums and/or bad or inappropriate reviews are a reason to terminate your membership of the Forums, and if you engage in any of the activities, you will be thrown on your ass outside the Forums doors and thirsty to death without any if or but in the wild in the electronic world.

While the 5150 Forums are provided and endorsed by SeeMaxRun and 440Films, no assurances of criticism, options, purchases or sponsorship of works published in the 5150 Forums have been made to the attendees of Max Adams, SeeMaxRun oder 440Films, and while the facilitators of the Forums will seek to oversee attendees' behaviour,

They take part in sessions at their own risks and the owner, moderator and operator of the session cannot be made liable for the activities or behaviour of the session attendees, nor do they assume any liabilities or responsibilities for the activities of the panel. On a pile of books, you pledge that you are not a studio traveler and that you have work in the works that you want to have criticized and checked in the studio, and you consent to publish at least one work per months for criticism by other workshops[a one to twelve page set or sequences of sequences or a logline/question to check] and at least three reviews per months for the work that has been written by other studio members.

This is the least, people, really, you are supposed to do better than just call. Under your full juridical name, you recognize that workshop confidentiality does not work. Three-month commitment is a prerequisite for accession. Unless you intend to stay at least three month, 5150 is not for you.

Fifty-one is not a part-time job. It' an obligation for both drums. Minimum number of participants is one submitted work per month[1 to 15 pages according to content] and three review of brief submitted works per months. Seating Cap Workshop: 25 A sample is necessary before use.

If you want to ask for open spaces in the 5150 garage, write a line to Max.

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