Online Screenwriting Workshop

Screenwriting Workshop

More than three-quarters of the Professional Program in Screenwriting Online takes place. Online screenwriting courses will help you improve your screenwriting skills. Video Workshop Skype Group We' re offering a two-way, face-to-face Skype group videocall workshop. You' ll be learning everything you need to know to create a full-length script in just five week's time. Students hand in storyline pitch, beatsheets, and treatment for testing in the classroom.

Free screenwriting information is provided.

Screenplay courses in NYC & Online

Create your artwork, craftsmanship and structures in screenwriting, TV authoring and Web Series authoring lessons from true professionals. - Don't miss a course. When you can't join NYC, you can join ONLINE from anywhere in the room - Join and listen to everything as if you were in the room - Ask your question online via the online chats - See limitless replay of each lesson, at your own pace and on your own timetable - all you need is a computer and a high-speed Inter-net!

Free ProTrack consulting with a pro author is available in every 4, 6 or 10 weeks course, as well as selected videoseminars. The prize-winning screenwriter and founder of the studios, Jacob Krueger's workshop is the basis for everything we do. You will learn 7 Act Structure, an original way of writing your screenplay and a whole new way of writing a screenplay.

Including 1 to 1 consulting. Bring your typing to the next stage in this Levels 2 Screenwriting Workshop. Build your own 7 act structure for your script and evolve both the arts and crafts you need to be successful in the game. Including 1 to 1 consulting. Exclusive to those who have attended our levels 1 & 2 grades and are members of our Protrack Mentorship programme and are restricted to only 12 participants, our workshop offers a tight fellowship for serious authors who work on their own sceneries by reading tables in our group and receive sophisticated feedbacks on their script.

Including 1 to 1 consulting. This new 4-week retro course provides a basis for TV and web series authoring for those who are new to TV and want to dive a foot in the ocean before attending our writer's room workshops in TV Comedy, TV Drama and Web Series. You' ll start typing from the very first moment, find and create an inspiration and start creating the character, theme and show you' ve always wanted to be in.

Including 1 to 1 consulting. Think of a TV typing lesson that runs like a true writers' room with an Emmy award-winning show runner with over 25 years of professional entertainment in successful shows like The Golden Girls, With Children & The Jeffersons and the work of 12 gifted students.

Inclusive 1 to 1 consulting. Joining Emmy Award winning Jerry Perzigian (Married With Children, The Jeffersons, The Golden Girls) for this Intermediate TVriting Workshop, run like a true room for authors. Inclusive 1 to 1 consulting. Our TV Drama Workshop is more than just a course in composition, it gives you the opportunity to get the feel of a genuine author's room in a 1-hour TV drama show, with a tutor who has worked for numerous recording and networking companies, such as Fox, ABC, Disney, Saban, NBC and CBS, who is a show runner for a group of 12 gifted students.

Including 1 to 1 consulting. Including 1 to 1 consulting. BREK THROUGH BRIDGE brek through bridge: Learning to draw on your most profound literary intuition and associate yourself with your work at its original creativeness. The 4-weeks will help you overcome the writer's blockade, delay and anxiety so that your letter and your singular tone can easily run.

Developed for authors of all styles, from screenwriters to playwrights, novelists to short storytellers. Inclusive 1 to 1 consulting. This is an experiential workshop devoted to just one thing: developing your voices as a novelist. With the help of the most modern typing techniques from hypnotism, ecology, meditation, business theories, tarot, drama, improvisation and many other areas you open new doors to bring your own singular voices to the side.

Developed for authors of all styles, incl. scriptwriters, TV authors, dramatists, novelists, memoirs and shortfictionists. Krueger Studio's Pro-Track Mentorship program connects you with a pro author who reads every page you type and guides you through every stage of the creative development of your music, from the void to the development of your work.

Among our tutors are top professors from the country's top graduate schools, among them Columbia University and NYU, celebrated show runners, Pulitzer Prize nominees and award-winning authors with years of professional work. Our unparalleled program allows you to interact with them in NYC or from anywhere in the worid, every weekly or every second weekly, at a fraction of the graduate school's costs, and on a timetable that suits you at your appointments and in your actual live.

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