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Complete package publishing services including cover design, layout, formatting and a list of editors to choose from. Barnes & Noble Press - a free, fast and user-friendly self-publishing service that allows you to publish and sell directly to our millions of readers. Award-winning digital agency specializing in online magazines, web design, web development & custom content.


FULL SERVICE publishing packs provide our writers with a MAXIMUM VALUE. We provide publishing, merchandising, editorial, graphics development and illustrations, e-book publishing and print services. For FREE ADVICE and more information about our products and services, please do not hesitate to do so. When you are willing to post AND already have a novel or ideas for a work, please send YOUR REGISTRATION FOR THE PRESS.

All our rates are fixed and we do not take a percentage of your booksales. Hardcover books - professional and elitist. With a hardcover cover, your trustworthiness is enhanced even more.

e-publishing - publishing books and magazines online

Improve your document with online publishing of books and magazines! From catalogues, brochures, books and other print materials, our online publishing services will help you communicate with your clients in a whole new way. Adds interactivity such as sound and vision to attract your audience and get your messages across!

Quickly and easily turn your PDF files into a PDF in one easy step: Instant integration of animated pages, link and sifting. Enhance the look of your documents by creating additional sound, videos and linking to important contents. Work with your clients in an appealing and useful way. You can take full advantage of your online publishing and address your regular clients - check exactly who can access your files or protect them with a secure passcode.

Customise your publications just the way you want, with full in-publishing and domain controls.

Publisher services Magazines, scientific books & online media

We have a Publishing Services staff dedicated to helping writers and all publishing experts, and we take great pleasure in the rapidity and high level of our client services. In more than 40 years, the Adis trademark has developed into a synonym for current and academically demanding magazine publications, with a special focus on pharmaco-economics and the assessment of pharmaceutical products as well as pharmaceutical and pharmacotherapeutic products.

The Adis periodicals comprise both broad-based and professional magazines, most of which have published the originals, as well as Adis Drug Evaluations and reviewed or published work. The majority of our stocks are also MEDLINE subscribed with envyable impact factors and internat. Supporting the COPE' s Code of Conduct and Best Practice for Journal Editors, we are a member of COPE.

Default publishing schedules: We are happy to work with you to make sure your research is disseminated as effectively as possible to maximise its effectiveness.

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