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You can apply online for this job. is an industry-leading, broad-based media publishing house that produces a wide range of state-of-the-art products. AOP is an industry association representing digital publishers who create original and high-quality content. AOP is an industry association representing digital publishers who create original and high-quality content. The Cognitive Business Media is a forward-looking company located in the heart of downtown Manchester.

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The Taylor & Francis Group produces publications for all stages of university studies and career advancement in a variety of fields and fields. In the social sciences and humanities we are publishing social sciences and humanities literature under the headings Routledge, Psychology Press and Focal Press. The company produces scientific, technology and medical literature for the press and garland sciences.

The Taylor & Francis Group produces high-quality, peer-reviewed magazines under the imprint titles Routledge and Taylor & Francis. All of our magazine contents are published on our Taylor & Francis Online website. The Taylor & Francis Group has two large online publishing sites - Taylor & Francis eBooks and Taylor & Francis Online - which are designed to meet the needs of our diverse and esteemed workflows.

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There are innumerable hrs of questioning highly accomplished professionals on every topic. We have a range of tools to help you understand inside information and best practices. The majority of our textbooks contain current case histories of individuals sharing technologies to ensure unparalleled results. You' ll be learning tens of thousands of tried and trusted tips, moves and mysteries on how to put this topic into practice.

Most of our textbooks are packed with CD-ROMs. Packing a pre-printed product and a CD-ROM is a labour-intensive and expensive operation. However, we think the whole thing is a worthwhile exercise because there is so much information on every CD-ROM. We provide comprehensive dictionaries and often thousands of references to further information and online sources in all our publications where appropriate.

Each and every hyperlink to these precious sources and every quoted fact is carefully and individual.

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