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List of online publishers

Several lists of publishers are available on the web. A few of them are listed below. Want to learn more about the online publishing industry? We couldn't find any when we were looking for a list of reputable online magazine publishers in the USA. These are the best print-on-demand book services to help you create and sell your book online.

Public Publishers Online | American Society for Indexation

You can find several publishing house listings on the web. Publishers, please note: The following list of websites contains information on other organisations. To be added to one of these list, please link to their list and get in touch with their list managers. Please have a look at our publishing industry page.

The MediaFinder MediaFinder allows you to find or scroll through newsletter, magazine and journal list. The Publishers Catalog Home Page is a page you can navigate through by geographical area or topic. Northwestern University Presses Take a look at the University Press Information. Publishers in North America This is a complete list of N.A. publishers (from the Academy of America Poets to the Multicultural Publishers & Educational Council to the Writers' Union of Canada).

For those of you who specialise in softwares and engineering documentation, the SIIA Home Page is for you.

On-line course publishers

Who is an online course publishing house? On-line course publishers create their own curricula and resell or licence their online classes for implementation by a trainer or administrators within the respective high schools or districts. As a rule, the publishing house does not award credits for a degree to a student who has completed his or her studies.

The loan is instead granted by the student's home university. If an online education programme is both an online college and its own syllabus, it must also fulfil the online school's unique needs in order to create and manage an "a-g" course list. On-line course publishers are in charge of getting "a-g" permission on the name of those colleges, district and programmes that buy or licence their course.

The UC offers all online classes that are admitted for "a-g" use a three-year period. Publishers have to go through the two-stage "a-g" online course evaluation procedure every three years. If an online course is accepted, it is added to the" a-g" course list of the publishing house immediately.

UC will use this document to check whether the publishing house fulfils the university's requirements for an "a-g" course list and to collect fundamental academic and social information. For Publishers, UC only accepts online registration forms from January 1* to July 15. Publishing houses submitting their forms before 15 July will be given the option of submitting their classes for "a-g" evaluation before the registration deadline on 15 September.

New online publishers are due to be processed on 1 February 2016 instead of 1 January 2016. The July date should make sure that new publishers have enough timeframe to fill their "a-g" course list and that the online publisher's course can be added to their "a-g" course list by participating universities, district or networked educational institutions before the registration deadlines end in September.

All new publishers who are not able to comply with the 15 July period can fill in a submission request the following year. Publishing houses that act both as online course publishers and online educational institutions should also fill in the online school's enrolment and self-evaluation forms. Start to prepare for the " a-g " appraisal.

As UC verifies the Online Publisher Registration Forms, publishers can prepare their course for submissions to UC. Quick-Start Guides for New A-G Course Submissions[PDF] provide a complete summary of the course contents needed for the "a-g" appraisal and can be used as a guideline for the development of course description submissions.

As soon as UC has created an "a-g" course list, the publishing house receives an e-mail message and a guide for creating the registration information for the A-G CMP. Any new course and course list update will be sent to the A-G CMP. Are you looking for a price list of a publishing house? You can use the A-G course list website to look for an online publisher's "a-g" course list to find out which ones are allowed.

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