Online Publishers in India

On-line publishers in India

Tell her I said hi to self-publication. Great success for online advertising Did you write a great work but no publisher came to release your work? Tell her I said hi to self-publication. It is a cost-effective method of publication that has enabled many wallographers to become popular creators. Amish Tripathi is one such writer, who after a string of refusals decides to release the first issue of his now famed Shiva trilogy himself.

My bloody Approves writer Amanda Hocking and John Locke, writer of the Donovan Creed Chriller and Emmett Love West are out of the dark and in just a few month have become a bestseller. Nearer home, Rasana Atreya announced her 9 to 5 jobs and released her first novel Tell a Thousand Lies, which was download by over 17,000 users in the first few weeks.

This was followed by the likes of Sri Vishwanath, Rangarajan Iyengar, Narita and Viji Varadarajan - all self-published playwrights who have become famous thanks to self-publication. At one time seen as a last resort, self-editing - also referred to as vannity publication - has become a useful option, as it is an easy and faster way to bring the text to the people.

"From the tempo of the letter to the creation of your own cover, the writers own it and sell it. As others, I took the conventional path of publication. At the same time, however, I also discovered the path of self-publication," Vishwanath betrays. He received all his Amazon Kindle Direct Publishings (KDP) eight years and 13 transformation tracks later.

It has had over a quarter of a million hits in less than two years and is currently one of the top 100 most loved non-fictionists. Cinnamon Teal,, Power Publishers and India's first self-publisher, are now dotting the country's literature scene and there is no shortage of publishers for young talent in India.

Also these publishers are in constant use. Jaya Jha and Abhay Aggarwal created in 2008 and published one or two volumes each months. "Today we release 60 electronic and 60 hard copy per month," says Jaya. The number of ledgers they have published has increased since their inception.

This self-publisher began to make profits within two years of its foundation, which is a clear indication that the phenomena is rapidly gaining momentum.

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