Online Publisher Maker

On-line Publisher Maker

This poster making tool helps you to create a simple poster in just a few minutes. Once you have installed our Desktop Publisher, simply import your PDF file and you will receive a web publication in minutes. Create your own magazine and publish it online for free with just a few clicks.


Create an interactivity mag with real-life pages and interactivity as easily as opening a PDF document. Once you have installed our Desk Top Publisher, just download your PDF and you will receive a web publishing in a few moments. You have full mastery over where and how you want to post your contents.

It'?s your contents, your deal. Our Deskopublisher offers the best possible browsing experience by supporting various different file types. The majority of online clouds and storage applications incur recurrent charges that never end by compelling you to post your contents to their host. It'?s your contents, your deal. You can purchase our publication softwares for a one-time charge so you can keep them forever.

Integrate video, pictures or hyperlinks into your mag. Specialties such as the 3-D multiview that can be seen above will deteriorate dramatically on equipment that is not capable of using 3-D. The webservers come with a setup manual with an upload port for your document and are available in ASP. NET, PHP and Java.

Free-of-charge online magazine producer & publisher

Do you want to make your own online journal? Once you have a full magazin artwork, post it online by adding one or more PDFs. Rebuild and redesign your warehouse from the ground up. Select a pattern, customise it and post it online or simply downloaded for printing. Everything begins with the selection of a hit man mag.

Our template is free and extremely simple to adapt, just substitute the pre-defined text and pictures with your contents. With just a few mouse clicks you can publish your own truly original online journal. As all our artwork is printable, you can also save and reprint your magazin as a PDF-document.

This magazinemaker will help you to produce the most beautiful magazins without any knowledge of programming and designing. It is as simple to make a magazin with one of our free layouts as to post and post your own PDFs. There are online journals in all forms and dimensions.

The construction of a large warehouse without the right tooling can be timeconsuming and a challenging task. With our models you do not have to spend a lot of effort and can concentrate on the essentials: your contents. All that remains is to choose the right model for you. Pictures can change the look of your mag.

High-grade pictures give your magazines a business-like appearance. Fine-tune and perfectionize the direction, distance and haptics of your designs. And you can include video and link content to make your mag. When you are satisfied with the look of your mag azin, click on the "Publish" icon to put your mag aine online and be recognized by the whole know.

It is also possible to load down and printout your journal. Tip: Just because it's released doesn't mean it can't be modified. Anytime you can come back and work on your mag! Creating a journal is a complicated, imaginative and proud of yourself! Now, with a bright front page, your mag can get the exposure it needs.

Covers are often decisive for the publication's popularity. In order to draw as many people as possible, your magazin needs a sleeve that arouses interest and sets itself apart from the masses. You can now create your own magazincover. Begin with a plain screen or use a free magazinecover to create it with your own text and pictures.

Notwithstanding the pressure. Our artwork is optimised to make your mag look as good on your printer as it does on your monitor. Creating a journal has never been so easy. Just load up your existing file or select a pattern, customise it and post it. How useful is a journal if you can't read it?

The magazinemaker offers stats that are refreshed in near term and the inclusion of Google Analytics. You can now see how the reader interacts with your online mag. Include e-commerce button so your reader can buy directly from your journals. Split your journal on online podcasts to attract more audiences and attract audiences with ease.

If you publish a digitally produced journal, it will copy the appearance of a paper one. Embed your complete online storage on your website. In this way you keep the reader on your website. Your journal can be downloaded and hardcopied at any tim. They can also give your customers the opportunity to directly access the archive.

Publicise your journal for either personal or non-commercial use. You want to make sure that your magazin has a high load rate and is always available online. It' not just browsing and animations, we take interaction to the next levels so you can cast a spell over your people. Movie and sound - Add celebrate movies and fashions to your online pages there's nothing better than to watch a movie directly on your magazine's pages.

Newspapers are partnering with advertising companies in the cosmetics and clothing industries. You can now provide your magazine's marketers with click-through advertisements along with precise, real-time click and view reporting. Or you can include purchase button to inspire the reader to purchase items from your editions.

There is more: Filling in the form, using our online form, using our online form, using our online social media and download buttons. That' the best way to create a truly professional-looking mag!

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