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On-line publications

Here is a list of historical online magazines. Many of our customers use our software for a variety of publications. This list is constantly updated with online publications. The LRD Publications service allows you to subscribe to and purchase LRD Publications.

10 most common ways to use your web publications

Many of our clients use our products for their publications. And a whitepaper that was the same as a PDF? Bring digital publications to live with full-screen videos, motion graphics and photographs. Be it an business review or a personalised employee magazine: more commitment or'commitment' is made possible by the use of visible, descriptive contents.

The online booklet is an excellent way to get your clients to know your service and your company's range of wares. Change your brochures on the fly and access your audience online through all appropriate media. First and foremost, a company newsletter is a book that should be of interest to your clients.

Showcase a good mixture of interesting innovations from your own organisation and include additional contents that interest and appeal to your group. Communicating with your targeted group on a regular basis and thus ensuring their allegiance through interesting contents is and will remain a good notion.

Editor ial contents in the shape of an interview, testimonial and useful, in-depth contents make sure that your newsletters are transformed step by step into a company mag. When you want to present your company's information in a way that is not too flashy, too flashy, and contextual, you should consider an online catalog. Marmoleumto is publishing Marmoleumto to give your company a better perspective on your business by providing a quick and easy way to get an idea of your business.

Revive your business reports with edited contents such as in-depth customer and company reports in full-screen mode. Brand contents are contents that are sponsorship without it being immediately clear that they are advertising. This is an expansion of this. Its contents are more storytelling than business.

And not only that: you can produce an online program guide during the meeting and then submit a summary of your meeting to participants, who will be rewarded for their attendance with a full-screen videotape review, precious contents and items created in reaction to the meeting.

Recompense them with rebates and/or promotions and bonuses through your web-publications. Whitepapers are traditional PDF documents that can be downloaded and provide precious contents in return for your own private information. But the readership in a PDF is not quantifiable and the contents do not react.

With our whitepaper presentation tools, you can present your whitepaper in an appealing, visually appealing way that is available on any mobile devices and on any monitor. Login to your Facebook or Link-edIn accounts and personalise the whitepaper using the information you receive. Get a complete view of your service, page by page, and optimise it.

Creating invaluable business results from your contents has never been easier! We' ve produced our own whitepaper to give you invaluable information about online publications and their opportunities for your business. Suppose you own a large enterprise and have an employee newsletter that will be published for over 1000 people.

Given the printing costs and the fact that it is not possible to gauge the level of appreciation of the journal, the choice to go over to a fully digitised edition should be fully warranted. With constant articles about the organisation and its latest activities, but also with a view to individual members of the workforce, you ensure that an online employee newsletter is greatly esteemed by you.

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