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A print and web magazine for webmasters, e-commerce merchants, online marketers, web designers and web developers. Web Site vs. Web Publication: Recognizing the Difference His enthusiasm for web publishing was real. But he had a big question: When do we decide for an item on our website and when for a web publication? I would like to use this diary to express my views on the importance of web publishing compared to your existing communications channel, especially your website.

Every group can be classified into different catagories. In turn, each of them is interested in a particular type of services or a particular type of products. After all, each and every user has a different request in terms of contents. Ensuring that you don't cause congestion and still have the ability to add value when needed.

You can cascade your contents and do this by delivering more comparative contents on the next and more immersive level. I am confident that the main functionality of your website is mainly task-oriented. Booking a journey, buying a good in your shop, leaving your access data or asking for a quotation.

However, many websites are overloaded with contents, which means that the users have no idea where to look for the right information. Therefore, I would recommend everyone to concentrate on the most important points, to concentrate on the main goal/target group and to make contents available to them in each stage of their client trip, which correspond to their demands.

The majority of landings pages provide the user with a rather discouraging sensation, which leads to the user to leave the site without doing anything that leads to a higher level of bound. Much of this is due to the shortage of top-notch, immersive contents. Capture your visitor's interest with high value contents, coupled with powerful quotations and vibrant imagery that will take the viewer deep into your history of your organization, your services or your products.

Certain contents deserve a limelight. It'?s the moment you want to give your public a real adventure, not a few shallow pages with a text and a few accidental pictures. Do you want your contents to devour your users in an intelligent, cascading way? It' must be a show that inspires them and makes them want more of your delicious contents.

You will be easy to try to keep your public too informed just because there is so much to tell.

Don't take the trouble to show case histories in which your public recognizes itself. A further possibility to show the right contents to the right public is personalization on the basis of different canals. Attract certain groups via mobile phone or let them login with their mobile phone to personalize the contents displayed to them.

We have found that personalized contents lead to 71% more commitment than non-personalized contents. It is the perfect place to present objective, practical and pertinent contents. Utilize a web publication for more value and as an inspiring instrument. Make your products or services come to live with lively editing work. If, for example, a user is interested in a particular item or activity, you should publish a good-looking publication about it.

A great example is to provide your website users with an online booklet with more information about the particular products or services they were interested in when they visited your website. You can see that websites and web publishing are a powerful team. While there are many ways to share your site's contents that may not suit your site, it's definitely a good idea to share them.

It is clear that a web publication works very differently from a website, but what are the realities? The website is trans-actional, a web publication is inspiring. It is not a web publication. The aim of web publishing is to provide the readers with a lot of inspiring information. Integrate them into a storyline and enhance your text contents with rich medias such as large pictures, (full-screen) video, more.

Web sites are pulled mediums, web publications are pushed mediums. You have a website that attracts visitors to your business. This is not how a web publication works. Once you have your publication posted, use e-mail advertising or online advertising to get in touch with your people. They are proactive in reaching them to help them understand your publication.

Obviously, indexing your publication by searchengines, but this is definitely not the main source of information. Website is an overloaded pool, a web publication has a clear way. Unlike a website, a web publication has only a true navigational tree that leads you linearly through the mag.

Each publication has a mind and a cock, without the diversions you see on a website. So you can also astonish your reader with contents they are not primarily looking for, but would like to do. The website is statical, a web publication is a multi-media extravagance. This is not the same with regard to publication.

All this is possible within a web publication. Do you have a special perspective on editing contents?

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