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University of East Anglia, in collaboration with Writers' Centre Norwich, offers a range of high quality tutor-led online writing courses. Would you like to bring your Master in creative writing online? This online MFA in creative fonts combines scheduling flexibility and long-term value. University of Texas in El Paso is proud to offer a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. St.

Francis College offers the first MFA program in New York City, the publishing capital.

20 Best Online Master's Courses in Creativity for 2018

From dreaming of poems to writing a script to being the next big name in sci-fi, authors can thrive in a variety of styles. A way in which prospective authors develop their talent is to acquire an online master's degree in writing; these programmes can be a life-changing chance for them.

In the following rankings, the 20 best online master's theses in the field of writing are presented. Most of these programmes are regarded as low-residency, a study programme in which the student must regularly take part in personal classes; the universities with low-residency programmes are indicated in the descriptions. Another point was given for remarkable attributes that have made it a top online author.

If there is a parity of points, the lower cost schools will appear higher in the rankings. The teaching information comes from the individual universities' websites. Below is a shortlist of the 20 best online Master's degree courses in the field of writing. Programme lessons: $10,400. moreheadstate has extended its correspondence programmes and now offers an online English language course holder; this programme has no residence requirements and there is a broad spectrum of curricula for undergraduates.

Morehead' s English Master's is not technologically a writing creativity level, but prospective authors will find a wide variety of writing syllabus; among the writing classes belong intermediate writing poetics, writing techniques, writing theory of writing instruction, writing destiny, and several other writing work. Program-lessons: $475. The WVWC attaches great importance to a sound training that encourages the pupils to grow in academic, spiritual and ethical terms.

Western Virginia has an online MFA in bloody writing; over two years, this low-stay programme will require five short stays. While at the CWR, the student has the chance to complete a cross-genre workshop in literature, books and expression. It has received brilliant testimonies from both new and existing schoolchildren.

Program-lessons: $875. The Connecticut State University is a widely recognized institute that has high quality accreditation requirements for its arriving scholars and lecturers. The WCSU Online Master in Creativity is a low-residency program and will require two short stays in August and January. Writing studies are aimed at all types of professionally-oriented authors; they include courses, tutorials, courses, seminars and internships related to the relevant careers.

West Connecticut has set up its first fellowship, which is given to fellows to subsidize their first fellowship year. Programme lessons: $25.008. Oregon State University is a small institution of engaged intellectual and educators. OSU's has a low-residency online MFA in imaginative writing; this programme is taken both at a distance and in ten-day intensive courses on the university' curriculum; this two-year course allows the student to evolve their abilities and becomes a public isable language in the literature class.

Studying at MFA can choose literature, poesy or imaginative non-fiction as their main areas of study. Programme lessons: $656. ASU's Online Master's in Anglophone is the university's most sought after programme, which is run by an award-winning department, including three Nobel Peace Fellows, one Pulitzer Laureate and one MacArthur Fellow. While the Online Englishmaster does not specifically concentrate on writing, there are courses and elective courses to help you do so.

There are 30 lessons of loan and each of the ten classes lasts 7 lessons. Schedule lessons: $535. 00 - $825. EKU has an MFA in Creativity Writing for career-oriented authors; this online Master's is known as The Bluegrass Writing Studio and requires two stays in Kentucky or Lisbon, Portugal.

The EKU's master writers specialize in literature based on literature, popular/genre literature, poetic and non-fiction. The EKU's MFA is regarded as a railroad, so that students have the possibility to learn English at school. The EKU has an ingenious online class-room setting that provides an optimum study adventure. Programme lessons: $730. Home to American Women's college, Bay Path is home to both men's and women's undergrad programs, and the opportunity-rich Strategic Alliances-Programme.

She has a Master Online Creativity Writing, a course that is focused on creating articles, in particular, this MFA can be fully complete online that does not require college residences. Programme lessons: $750. The Arcadia University, considered one of the best in the North, has small classes of high-performing college graduates.

Arcadia's online Creative Writing Master's is part of a binary graduate programme; this binary graduate programme offers MFA's both in written and English. Arcadia's online / low-residency MFA takes an exhilarating journey to go abroad to learn; college graduates go to Edinburgh, Scotland to write a book-length work. Meanwhile, our undergraduates have permanent contact with education assets, award-winning teachers and other assistance.

Programme lessons: $500. Lindenwood's online MFA in imaginative writing can be conducted entirely online or in a composite mix of online and university residences. The online writing of this college MFA is national acclaimed for its high level of agility, affordable and first class schooling; this 48 credit programme has a wide range of disciplines in its syllabus, including literature rhetoric, poetics, prose, creativity articles and much more.

Programme lessons: $680. The Maslow Family Postgraduate Programme in Wilkes is a creatively written programme that builds on the lifestyle, commercial and craftsmanship elements of writing. This online writing masters course will cover seven areas of writing, including writing novels, screenplays, poems, dramaturgy, documentaries, books and publishers.

Wilkes' alumni of writing have made over 40 movies and released over 100 different works. Program-lessons: $596. 00 per credit-hourBased in Florida, Full Sail University is specialized in education, art, media und technol. The prizewinning academy has scholars both on and online who are all programmes celebrating ingenuity.

The online Full Sail's Online Writing Masters is an award-winning MFA record, especially for prospective writer. MFA offers a series of month-long classes in different genres, including screenplay analytics, writing and developing characters, writing and more.

The FSU has several grants for incomming postgraduate studies. Programs Tuition: $332. 00 per credit-hourEstablished in 1973, University of Houston-Victoria is acclaimed for its teaching value, small category sizes and sturdy graduates. UHV's first-class correspondence course comprises an online master's degree in written communication; depending on the needs of the individual learner, this MFA can be acquired either entirely online or in a low-residency scheme.

There are two available credits in the MFA, one in Credit Suisse Writing alone (track one) or another in Credit Suisse Writing / Credit Suisse Writing (track two); both credits have an overlay syllabus, although that is a more intense admission proces. The UHV is known for providing user-friendly, available online technologies. Programme lessons: $8,510.

UAM's online creative writing master is a non-residency programme; this MFA is 48 credit-hours, which include a specialisation course in either the fictional, poetic or nonfiction categories. Writing undergraduates will be motivated to take "genre leaps" by participating in all three disciplines. To keep lessons payable, MFA scholarship applications can be submitted online.

Program-education: $416.00 per quarter-unitNational University is a acclaimed institute for conservative and non-traditional undergraduates. MFA is a comprehensive online typeface that covers a broad spectrum of writing and theorizing. The courses for imaginative writing include the pedagogics of imaginative writing, text strategy, literature studies and courses in imaginative non-fiction, poetics and clichés.

The National University's online programme for writing creativity has no residence requirements, so the thirteen full online classes can be completed by the undergraduates. Schedule Tuition: $627. 00 per credit-hourA College of popular with the mature novice, Southern New Hampshire University has over 80 years of academic history. ÿ... With over 90,000 online enrolled and awarded remote education, the software is cutting-edge and easy to use.

The online writing MAs are inexpensive, versatile and fully remote-educated. The majority of online undergraduates graduate in 15 month and take two classes per 10-week semester. The SNHU's writing programme concentrates on important professional fields such as economics, communication and sales, advertising, publishing and educational; in addition, our current and future professors choose specialisations in literature, non-fiction, lyric and screenplay.

Programme lessons: $8,448. Antioch University - Los Angeles is a small and select university with an average grade size of only eight people. The AULA has set up an online MFA for Creativity Writing; this programme has a low-residency scheme that requires a ten-day intense course on the Campus every year. During the time between the residences, writing undergraduates work on writing in the fields of literature, writing, translation, books and other categories.

MFA is largely mentor-based and enables individuals to learn and receive advice. Alumni of the creativ writing masters are embarking on a multifaceted career as working authors. Programme lessons: $857. There are 40 online courses of study at Mercy, including a Masters in English language writing; this mentoring programme can be done 100% from a distance, and online student creatives can design their degrees according to their interests.

Alumni of the Master's programme in English will move into occupations in the fields of publication, editorial, media, advertisement and writing and will also qualify for English lessons at collegiate school. The 100% doctorate of Mercy's online master's faceulty brings together many years of educational and literature work. Programme lessons: $1,251. Emerson's Online Master's in Creative Writing is an MFA programme for writing and publication of folk literature; this programme is perfect for prospective authors who want to release books, especially in the following genres: sci-fi, mystic, horror, thrillers, phantasy or young adults.

EC's online Creative Writing MFA has no residence requirements, which gives you even greater freedom when you complete your studies. Emerson's MFA Department is a world-renowned author who shares the knowledge of his experiences with his pupils. Programme lessons: $750. The University of New Orleans has diploma programs for most fields.

The top colleague has a low Residence Master in Creativity Writing; this online MFA researches the genre of destiny, writing, poetry, screenplay and dramaturgy. Low-living round-trip travelers spend a whole months each summers abroad to explore destinations such as Ireland, Scotland and Italy. The UN promotes community-centred study where the student can engage with his or her peers and profit from a wider syllabus.

Writing undergraduates are learning from a department of publishers. Programs Tuition: $643. 00 per credit-hourEstablished in 1857, Queens University of Charlotte has since retained high Academic Standard. ¿Queens provides a low-residency MFA in creatively writing, a supporting course of study that establishes permanent partner-partnerships. There are two options for a personal stay: a seven-day stay on site, or a fifteen-day stay abroad in Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro or Santiago.

The Queens University syllabus for writing includes literature, books of non-fiction, poems or writing for theatre and onscreen. Below is a shortlist of the 20 best online Master's degree courses in the field of writing.

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