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Online-Course: Writing journaling and memoirs 101 - CEU certificate Whether you are a prominent political figure, a suburb housewife or someone in between, the fact is that everyone has a very own narrative for them. Journaling and Memoir Writing" is a complete step-by-step tutorial that will unmystify the whole making of your stories, whether you want to honour someone who has made a change in your own lives, who has healed old memories or who has travelled, who wants to preserve your memories or who wants to pass on a heritage to coming generation.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro who is interested in memorising, Journaling and memoir editing is created to help you choose which stories to tell and how best to tell them. Regardless of whether you are interested in creating a memorandum investigating your own battles such as addictions, abuses or divorces, or a travel report drawing on your experiences of European backpacker trips, this course will help you reduce the scope of your biography and identify the basic topic that will link you to an audiences.

You' ll also find out how to find your real voices that make your history truly and uniquely so. Diversified and extensive typing training will help you develop your skills to improve your instinct and your narrative skills. "The Journaling and Memoir Writing" will also help you understand how to get more deeply into your own lives and gain important recollections that will allow you to give your history an unbelievable deepness and fullness.

As well as comprehensive typing classes, you'll see what you can do with your memoirs when they're done. Journaling and memoroir writing" addresses the various publication possibilities, whether you want to distribute your memoirs as a piece of the New York Times' bestseller or as a piece of inherited families.

Everybody has a tale to tell. Allow this on-line category to help you type yours.

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