Online Magazines to Write for

On-line magazines for writing for

Womens magazine with a strong focus on beauty. The lifestyle magazine Catholic Digest wants writers with a positive and encouraging voice who write from experience. We are looking for an outstanding, experienced and passionate Health & Lifestyles Content Writer for our online magazine *personal health &. We are looking for talented authors who can contribute to our online business publication. "The people hurried to the new frontier of publishing and thought they could make a fortune selling their texts online.

This 70+ publication pays $1 per word (and they're looking for writers)

Have you ever heard that there are no longer any well-paid freelancer exchanges and that it is extremely hard to earn a livelihood as a free-lance author? I am always the optimistic because I have not only made a fancy earnings from my typing for the 14 years of being a freelance author, I am also confident that right now, today, you have more chances than ever to make professional payment.

One of the world' s foremost publications for 50+-year-olds. The 37th International Conference on Global Change will feature a series of pitches on healthcare, finances, travel and more. Womens journal with a keen eye for the beautiful. Have a look at the magazin and search the website for different categories. The American Forests is the oldest nature protection organisation in the USA.

Until $2000 for functions. American Airlines' in-flight magazin, which reaches more than 16 million travellers every single months. The Belt Publishing section comprises an online journal and a small media with a special emphasis on the rust belt and the Midwest. The Belt Magazines publish long-form journals, op-eds and one-on-one articles. Some of the best places for new writers todays authors to begin with the journal are the Perspective Column, an 800-word article on an on-time topical news theme and outlets, a 650-word ego tower on relations of any kind (romantic as well as those between boyfriends, brothers and sisters and both parents and children).

Boy's Lives is a four-color edition of 1 million copies per month, issued since 1911 by the Boy Scouts of America. There are 500-1500 words of article about topics that might interest young people aged 6-18. The Brides is a journal for weddings planners, consultants and people. The Catholic Digest is a lifestyles magazin that is encouraging and supporting Catholics.

We welcome first-hand experience and the sound of the journal is soothing. Ch√Ętelaine is Canada's largest women's journal on healthcare, news, nutrition, society, decoration or fashions and beauties. The U.S. publication of Consumers Reports began in 1936 and is devoted to impartial reviews, consumer-oriented research, information and lobbying.

Shecosmo is one of the world's biggest life style magazines for 18-34 year olds. Departure is an U.S. quarter-weekly life style available only to owners of the AER. Discovery is a best-selling US scientific journal that has been around since 1980. The Dwell Group is a designer journal aimed at designer, architect and homeowner.

Early-American Life has been the resource for information on early America's styles, decorations, and customs since 1970. $500 for a first author. E-mail them to ask for policies. enRoute is Air Canada's award-winning bi-lingual (English/French) in-flight show. Previous editions of the journal are available on the website.

Womens journal with emphasis on teen and tween moms. Fast-Company Magazin concentrates on innovations in the fields of technolgy, ethics (ethical economy), management and designmen. FOREXPOLICITY is a journal for the world of political science, economy and idea. It is a prestige publication that promotes management and economic excellency. A large women's journal with contents on the topics of aesthetics, fashions, work, finance and newsworthiness.

Authors are invited to promote other categories. The Good Housekeeping is one of the oldest women's magazines ever, first issued in 1885 and with several issues worldwide. Harper's Bazaar is a world leader in the field of life style. The HCN is an award-winning book on the American West. Up to $0. 50 and $1. 50 per words, subject to the author's writing practice and their writing work.

HOOFTBeats is a premier trotting race book for the equestrian races and standard breeding industries. House Logic is a website of the National Association of Realtors and offers contents that are of interest to home owners. The LiisBeth is an sectional, incl. feministic economics journal and social network. Long-reads contains non-fiction and literature with more than 1,500 words, both previously released and new works.

One of the world's premier women's magazines, Marie Claire focuses on fashions, styles, hairstyles, beauties, women's affairs, career, health care and relations. Men's men's monthly about career, sport, women, relations and sexuality. Ms. magazin has been the reader's guide to feminism since 1971. New York Times is a Sunday insert in the Sunday issue of the New York Times.

O, The Oprah Magazines, is a quarterly journal created by Oprah Winfrey and Hearst Corporation and distributed mainly to female readers. Authors are invited to browse the website and review its contents and see how it differs from other women's and life-style magazines. Pacifica Standard is an US publication that publishes in printed and online media and publishes award-winning periodical reporting on a wide range of topics.

This is a major parent's guide that covers everything from maternity to childbirth and parental guidance. Authors are welcome to present suggestions for the different sections. PSYBOY is an US men's life style and consumer film. James Rickman pit for feature. A healthcare journal reporting on foods, diet, beauty, well-being and well being. Browse the latest feature and topic news magazines and websites.

The ROL is a journal devoted to natural life in the contemporary age. Featured items include lawn work, cookery, travelling and breaking newscast. Focussing on the culture side of eating, incl. story and travelling. The online tariffs differ. Schrott concentrates on the waste recovery industries and offers innovations and functions to help the waste recycle companies in their work.

That'?s what they pay: $800-$1200 for feature. This is the offical journal of the Schmithsonian Institutes and reports about our past, our scientific work, our natural environment, our cultural life and our travels. Skilled writers referenced $3. 50 per words. Published every month, The Sun is an online journal that publishes articles, testimonies, short novels, poetry and photographs. Q: The New York Times Style is a perfectly illustrated journal for fashions, home, beauty, holidays, travelling and designm.

Edited by the Phi Beta Kappa Society, this issue deals with historical, PR and cultural issues. Favourite travellers and travellers, this weekly reports on the world. The University of Virginia publishes a renowned periodical for "Literature and Discussion". Produced every month, Wired is an US publication that publishes in both printed and online issues on the impact of new technology on the arts, business and political life.

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