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Literature Online reduces the cost of managing journal subscriptions for libraries and saves on book renewal budgets. The full text of books and other sources of poetry, drama and prose originally published in print. Use classic books for free. eBook information and downloads. Awaiting you in these classic books online adventure.

On this page you can find classic novels, from Charles Dickens to Charlotte Bronte.

Classical online literature, poetry and quotations. Abstracts & Essays

Every page contains a bio and a browsable library of works, many pages also contain other contents such as users' commentaries or trivia. Select the desired writer from the following lists. Aristophanes, Aristoteles, Arthur, Arthur, T.S. Barr, Amelia E. Barrie, James M. Blackmore, R.D. Bower, B.M.

Homer, Hornung, E. W. Hudson, W. H. Jacobs, W. W. Jerome, Jerome K. Kyne, Peter B. Lawrence, D. H. Munro, H. H. Packard, Frank L. Plato, Porter, Eleanor H. Reeve, Arthur B.

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Belletristic section contains the full, fully browsable text of several hundred books. Poetry includes world-famous poetry from Blake to Keats, along with the Oxford Collected German Vers and the French col. v... We' re creating a biography series. Or, if you are looking for worship lyrics, we have the King James' Bible and the Koran.

You' re welcome to our books.

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We' re adding new tracks on a regular basis. Friday, 08. September 2017We have relocated this page to a new one. It should all work right away and new tracks are to come soon! Tuesday, 08. March 2005We have migrated this page to a new web site, and everything should run much smoother. Sunday, Sonntag, 21 septembre 2003 - du 20 au 27 septembre 2003, c'est la Semaine des livres interdits de l'American Library Association.

To commemorate the event, we have set up a new section for categories of our books. Any new books added this weeks will also be prohibited books. Wednesday, September 17, 2003We have achieved a milestone: 200 books by 79 writers online.

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Select between free epoxy books, free ignition books, and free ignition books, either by downloading them or reading them online. Here you will find the great literature of the whole wide range, with an emphasis on older works for which copyrights have been used. The ebooks have been digitised and edited by tens of thousand voluntary workers to enjoy and train them. Further possibilities for support are the digitization of further books, the inclusion of audiobooks or the report of mistakes.

The articles will be publicly available in the USA on January 1, 2019. Have a look at Duke Law's "Public Domains Day" for a list of many articles intended for the general interest but not yet released due to the 1998 expansion. In 2019, Felix Salten's "Bambi" and Kahlil Gibran's "The Prophet", among others, are to be made known to the world.

Recent eBooks added. Top 100 and most popular eBooks downloads this months. Bookcases from related eBooks. Add new books feeds. Assistance with the recording of audiobooks. Most of our eBooks are not copyrighted in the United States, usually because their intellectual property rights have lapsed. Non-US users must review the copy right policies of their country before they download or distribute our eBooks.

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