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On-line job exchanges links. Looking for a new job? Are you working with us or do you know a special resource for job seekers? A major advantage of online recruitment in comparison to pre-digital times is the reduced footwork. Your jobs are advertised on the UK's most popular job sites, where millions of job seekers are looking for their next employer.

On-line job exchanges are more common than employment services, find research -

Recent freelance research conducted by Bond International Software's sector analysts Opinionography has highlighted the unexpected trends in the job search tool candidate use and the deep implications this has for recruitment professionals. Indeed, 94% of respondents looking for a job today said they would probably use an online job board.

It shows that headhunters must follow the candidate proactively when they get an interview directly through a job list. Out of the two-thirds of those who used a job placement service in the past, 58% found the company through the online searcher.

The statistics show a clear recruiting tendency and show that the recruiting firm must make sure that it uses all instruments to its benefit. In addition to regular updates of job exchanges, agents need sound search engine optimization policies that are proactively supervised and adapted to meet the needs of markets and industries, while the key words need to be optimized for specific skills missions.

Given so many ways to get the right person, overseeing the value of any given policy will be the keys to the agencies overall performance. Whereas just a few years ago the expectation was that they would bring about a shift in recruiting strategies, the situation is quite different. The study shows that only 25% of respondents used it to find a job and only 14% found it useful.

However, it is not only the attitude to job hunting that surprises in the attitude to corporate publishing. Especially the shortage of using softmedia that only 25 percent of respondents used softmaid to find a part, and only 14 percent found it useful. "Another unexpected finding that emerged from the survey was the use of online job exchanges rather than recruiters.

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