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It is possible to create WORD documents with our application OffiWORD. Sign, edit and share PDFs, Word documents and more. Process all types of documents. Register and write research documents online. You can add Markdown and LaTeX blocks to your document as needed - or write the entire document.

Creating an online document - OffiWord App

It is possible to generate your own Office document using our application OfficeWORD. Use the following buttons to generate a new document: - Document creation, editing and viewing tool for OpenOffice Document Editors, LibreOffice Document or Microsoft Office - Style manager with different fonts, text colors and backgrounds - Insert and erase more than one object: table or image - Search for text - Extended search and replacement functions with normal expression and replacement characters - Export to PDF from document - Support for... file format are the default format.odt, but some of the format can also be converted to OffiWORD:

On-line word processing | Create & edit online document

That' s why we have worked really well to provide you with the right tool for error-free typing. Never worry about document reformatting. The close integrations with MS Word ensure a perfect work environment. Effective formating possibilities with customizable text fields and forms. Keep an eye on changes to your document, consider comment topics, email and more.

Do you know who saw your papers of the people you used to share them with? Generate letters, covers or shipping tags online.

You can collaborate online on documents in 5 ways in live mode

Working with others online has never been so easy. In this area we will concentrate on real-time collaboration on the document, an area that has greatly enhanced but still has a lot to do. Out of these five choices, some of our service providers allow you to generate your document online, while others allow you to generate it offline.

Do you have an online document collaborative tools to suggest in near-realtime? EthernetPad provides real-time processing and cooperation of pure text files. Containing a minichat room, it displays each user's changes with their own colour in near-realtime. It is a little blank and too many shared functions we have become used to in our suite are lacking, but this is a good way to provide fundamental brain storming for groups of persons in near-realtime.

Firstly, you can't save your document online like other approaches and you have to keep a record of every single encrypted address. Also, there is no simple and neat way to save your final document, and you cannot open or upload Microsoft Word files like the other workflows. Googles Docs provides all three Microsoft Word applications for document, spreadsheet and presentation creation.

It also provides good approval capabilities, which means you can work simultaneously with others on the same document in near-realtime. There is also the possibility to publish the document in a web site or on your own web site and have all changes automatic. One drawback of Google Docs is that you can't talk to others inside Google Docs, but on the other hand you can always use Gtalk.

Zoho, like Google Docs, provides a range of applications for creating online documentation, Spreadsheet and Presentation (plus databases), but their approval functions are much better. In addition to inviting others to review or modify your document, you can also set up groups to make it easy to use. You can also, like Google Docs, post any document to your blogs or websites, but it also includes a new function that Google doesn't provide, which is the option to make any documentpublishable.

For every document in the news room, Zoho provides a clear and unambiguous link and an RSS file that is refreshed every update. Or you can talk to participants in person using a tabs on the lefthand side that shows all participants, making it easier to collaborate in near-real time while processing a document.

And if you need to go back and review older version of the document, you can do that. Microsofts Office Live allows current Microsoft Office users to use their Microsoft Office Online accounts to collaboratively connect and exchange information with other Office users. It is important to remember that this is not a free of charge feature and if you do not have Office on your computer, you are unlucky.

To make this a really useful tool, Microsoft needs to deploy a real web application in theoud. But if you only want to exchange Microsoft Office files with people who have Office, this might be a good use. thinkfree provides an elegant set of online applications such as Zoho and Google Docs.

Use the web version of your applications or installs a wallpaper application that synchronizes with your online bankroll so you can work off-line. While Zoho and Google say you can work off-line with Google Gear, you can't generate new files off-line, you can only display them.

You can do everything with Think Free just like with the complete Microsoft Office Suit. It is a great place for people or groups. Any document is Microsoft Office-compliant and if the individual you are working with does not have Microsoft Office, they can display the document using a free think free viewer.

Get 1 GB online space for your document.

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