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Create the most beautiful digital publications and share them with the world online. On-line magazines are a huge trend, which does not disappear so fast. Communication, documentation and protection in a digital world.

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Breathtaking results make you look and behave like a designer master. Eliminate interdependencies from your creative teams and scalable your sales team's effort. Generate results in the highest possible level of craftsmanship without the need to employ a styling group. Build a wide range of sophisticated teaching material, from poster to tutorial guide to group work.

Would you like to launch a digital journal? These are 9 of the best publishing choices

You made it - you went to the kiosk and your face first plunged into the glory of digital news. Tablet growth has led to a new way of publishing: digital journals. A lot of current printed papers are looking for the best way to interest and find new ones for your current readership, while the fact that you do not now need your own printer and half a wood of papers has opened the door to pure digital mag.

Whilst digital payloads may seem small in comparison to earlier printing figures, it is a burgeoning digital journal subscription business that often beats its printed equivalents. When you want to create your own journal and don't have the tools to get a designer to create your own application for you, you're probably confronted with a question: How do you get your beautiful book into the eyes of loving people?

DPS, the grandfather of digital publishing, is a designer's dream: you can use the same programme you have been using for years to produce a wealth of engaging, attractive digital journals. An additional control in InDesign lets you insert everything from slide shows to panoramic views, simply reverse alignments, and publish to a variety of displays and screens.

Previews and tests can be previewed before publishing directly to stand-alone applications on just about any desired platforms - from the Apple iPhone Store to Google Play to Amazon gadgets. However, if you want to produce a multi-issue issue journal, you will be charged more than $4,800 per year once your application has gone through a certain number of contained down-loads.

Twixl Publisher is an InDesign plug-in that lets you place an interactivity level over your digital magazines, which you can then release as multi-output applications on Apple, Android and Amazon-trays. There are many DPS-like functions in this feature, but a multi-folio application (an application that contains several issues of your magazine) will cost approximately $2,400 per year, with (reduced) extra cost to be paid for after more than 5,000 downloads.

Issuuuu has more than 80 million subscribers, making it an ideal place to publish and find digital music. It is a PDF-based system, which means you just load up your magazin and copy this embedded or user-defined links wherever you want to use it. Issuuu is available on the desk top and Android (an iPhone application is in the works) and your journal will be an alternative for the million of people using the plattform.

It' also free - but the chargeable option (US$30 and US$40 per month) allows you to customize your readers, get analysis, include inclusion of corporate content and more. There is no custom application or the option to include interactivity such as sounds, transitioning and video, but you can connect to an already established community.

Joomag is a good choice if you are looking for something to produce digital magazine interactivity but don't want (or can) give half of your banking content. It is a plattform that allows you to either download a PDF theme or build your own online template with simple tools and its web-based format.

As soon as you are ready, Joomag creates a user-defined page for you, which you can also embedded on your website or view on your portable device (it will scale your publications to different display formats automatically). Joomag offers a whole range of services for free subscribers - such as analysis and the possibility to integrate videos, sounds and hyperlinks - although your journal will not be ad-free.

Up to Silver, Gold or Platinum, you get an ad-free release with additional features such as the option to buy subscription sales, launch on Joomag's iPad application, HTML5 element addition and optimize your Android, iPad and Windows 8 magazines for more than $15.95 per months. iPad aficionado?

Utilized by publishers such as The Next Web's Shift, the Web' Shift serves as a web-based editorial tool that allows you to build your own magazine from the ground up (or use your own templates) and work with up to 30 members of your group. Featuring built-in analysis, it's engineered to make the transition from port to horizontal format seamless and effective, and allows you to build a customized iPod touch application to house your pub.

Sorry, there is no Android supported. With the press pad, you can take your PDF files and make them a stand-alone application for Android and iPad with minimum inconvenience. There is no limit on the number of outputs you can generate and there are no limitations on the number of files you can download, although your application has no interaction with PDF.

PressPad always handles the entire PDF creation procedure - you just need to download your PDF files and receive an application. The Snapplify is a digital publishing tool that allows you to load up PDF files (or your own HTML5 codes, video, etc.) and then store them in the application store-buy. You can calculate your subscription, get your subscriber's data, see analyses and publish your store through an individual showcase, based on the price level you choose.

It is available on Android and iPods (mobile and tablet phones) and will scale your contents to adapt them to your mobile phone. Magzter is a huge, cross-platform kiosk with a wide variety of journal articles - from Men's Health to ELLE - with more than 17 million people.

If you don't get your own Magzter Magazin application, you can register as a Magzter publishers to put your Magzter Magazin in the shop, which is available on every imaginable platforms - from Android and iPhone to Windows 8, Kindle, Apple Newsstand and even a desk top site.

It is free, but Magzter earns cash through a royalty with publishing houses if you want to use it. Provides analysis, allows adding rich web editors or uploading PDFs, and provides client down-load information (e.g. site and device).

ag+ is an InDesign plug-in that lets you build your own full-featured online editorial application without having to go there. With the plug-in, you can enhance your artwork with rich interactivity, including audio, visual, and online experiences, and then transfer them to a previewer application to test your work.

When that' done, go to its online equivalent to bring your application to the Apple Newsstand, Amazon, Apple, Android and Apple application store. There is a free plug-in available for free and you only have to part with your money if you are willing to release the mag. You have a few different price choices based on your needs - for example, if you want to buy at the time of release, look at a problem with $999.

And if you want an application with unrestricted publishing, it costs $499 per calendar year. During her Bachelor of Journalism studies at Rhodes University, Lauren gave in to her passion for everything digital.

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