Online Courses for Academic Writing

On-line courses for scientific writing

Keep in touch with us The course is intended to help students further improve their literacy, research and thought critique abilities. Establish a working comprehension of the scriptwriting processes, the rhetoric of voices and purposes that govern what and how to write, and the foundations of the evaluation of research and scholarly reasoning. APA formatting and citation is used for all allocations.

Get ongoing assistance with your paperwork, with commentary and instructions on reviews and outlines. You' ll be taught to work with members of the teams to perform benchmarking tasks. The course concentrates on how to spell clearly, succinctly and academic. It also includes the revision of a text at various phases of the editing of it.

APA formatting and citation is used for all allocations. The student is continuously supported in their written tasks, which include commentaries and instructions on their work. The learner also works with the members of the teams to assess all tasks. This is a strict course of study and requires a good command of the language in order to complete the course successfully.

It is an intense course and students should plan at least 15-20 lessons per week to concentrate on their tasks. If you are taking this course as a prerequisite for RRU admittance, please choose a course offer that ends at least five weeks prior to the course*.

Humanitarian Studies enrolments should choose a course that ends at least nine months before the beginning of the course. Since these classes are quickly booked up, please sign up as soon as possible.

Online-Certificate Programme in Academic Writing

The certification programme comprises 12.0 unit. The other 6.0 sessions can be chosen from the options described below. Select one of the following two courses: Select two of the following three courses: They can replace 3.0 unit of options prices in 3.0 unit prices above:

Please note: If you are also in an on-line course of study, only 6.0 study course sessions or the certification can be credited towards both. That is, to complete both an on-line grade and this certification, you need a maximum of 96.0 sessions (instead of 90.0 sessions). Not more than 3.0 unit cores and options can be transferred from outside Queen's University.

The most current and detailed programme schedule information can be found in the Academic Calendar of Arts and Sciences.

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