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The Academic Prose is an online supplement to a graduate course. The course is designed to develop students' writing skills. Home-Programs; Academic Writing (Certificate). Academic Writing Certificate (AWRI).

Preparation of a first annual account

A first-year, stand-alone course for freshmen that can help you get ready for your first annual review. The program was jointly designed with the University of Edinburgh, the University of Glasgow and the Glasgow Caledonian University and can only be used by all doctoral candidates of these partners.

When you are a Edinburgh, Glasgow or Glasgow Caledonian University internat. You can register yourself on the homepage of the course.


The course is developed to improve students' writing aptitudes. The writing in an academic society has a number of "conventions" and forms that are one-of-a-kind for the specific purpose it is for. The most frequent and demanding writing projects you will work on as a university and certainly also as a doctoral candidate.

The course concentrates on making you conscious of the expectation of this particular type of writing and leads you through the research materials specifically for a campus reading room and the format and style that is required when writing a research project at a campus. Presenting research results and inventive concepts in a clear, consistent and scientific way.

Use American English compositorial and syntactic, encyclopaedic and style convention in academic writing. Work together to create and review for an academic public. Leverage your engineering expertise and expertise to participate in the online world. Dr. Patty Feito is an Associate Professor of English at the School of Professional And Career Education.

Her doctorate was in English from the University of California, where she specialised in modern literature, the novel, theoretical criticism and compositional theories. Her writing carreer began at the University of California-Berkeley, where she wrote for the Daily Californian and published the Pelican oncampus.

At Broward College and Palm Beach State College she is a teacher of composing and literary studies.

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Writing Your Worlds free online course: This course was developed for humanities scholars to help them deal with important approaches they may come across at college, but it also addresses a larger group of undergraduates, as issues such as identities and cultures are common. Writing is the primary method of evaluating textual learning in the humanities and it is therefore very important that learners have mastered this essential aptitude.

"It', she said, and added that there is no writing phrase; although there are important things to follow,'the regulations can always be negotiated'. The course was also a trip of study and helping the whole group to think more critical about their own writing.

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