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University of Maryland, College Park. Find out how to master the necessary writing skills in college. Débût's online writing course for college, high school undergraduates

Instructor Stanford Writing have teammates with undergraduate candidates to cause a non-credit course that is open to the general public via Stanford online. The course, entitled Adventures in Writing, is designed for 16 to 20 year old college graduates and was developed by teachers of the Program in Writing and Rhetoric, who then turned to college graduates to portray it as a graphical novel.

This self-study course comprises five units and lasts six to eight lessons. At the end of the module there are writing tutorials to deepen the mentioned concept. Included in the modules: In Stanford, the course will be used as supplementary materials for first and second semester writing courses and will help to educate high schools writing pupils in the summers.

"We hope that the pupils attending the online course will see that writing is more than just being in a schoolroom and writing papers," she said. With these stories we ask the pupils to reflect on how these two humans learn to interact efficiently in a multitude of situations". "According to a press communiqué, Megan O'Connor, an academically trained technologist who put together a group of color and illustration specialists, said that the college graduates represent a wide range of subjects, among them computer sciences, feminism, sex and sexology, symbolism, mechanical and artology.

This will help to make the writing instructions more appealing and efficient. It' been a great educational opportunity for us as writing teachers because we learned to be more creatively as writers - and to think in these different ways ourselves. For more information, visit

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