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Online booksFree online books: Refine full text online in the right menu. Help your reading habits without paying a cent or taking a trip to the library with these websites that allow you to read free books online. As a member of the library, you can also access some free reference works from our online resources. If you want to find online books in the health sciences, try these sources:

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Complimentary online books: Digitally Book index: offers left to more than 148,000 full text books of more than 180,000 commercial and non-commercial publishing houses, Universities and different privately owned websites. Over 120,000 of these books, text and documentation are available free of charge. This provides free, easy accessibility to see the manuscripts of the research carried out and to disseminate this information as widely as possible.

Dissertation Australian Digital: ADT offers free full text retrieval of dissertations from PhD candidates at Australian and New Zealand University. Barthleby Great Books OnlineThe outstanding online publishing house for books, encyclopedias and verses offers free, unrestricted online book and information resources to undergraduate, graduate and graduate scholars and intellectuals.


E-books are digitized photocopies of printed books with the added benefits of ease of navigating, photocopying, printing and search. On the following pages you will find our basic and most important specialist collection. Reservations and availability: Refine full text online in the right menue. The Oxford Quick Reference contains lexicons and thesauruses, linguistic glossaries and specialist lexicons.

The University Press Scholarship Online has recently released digitized copies of all Oxford University Press text books. There are 10 theme sets that you can either explore or scan. For more information, see the "Multidisciplinary Collections" page. The Oxford Scholarship Online Banking and Online Banking Library. You can find the Zengage compilation of 20 technical and managerial publications by performing an authors research for Zengage on Discover.

The book CRCForensicNetBASE contains books on fire-fighting, cybercrime, computer criminality, penal and legal issues, litigation, forensic pathsology, foreclosure, lawsuit, and safety/monitoring. The Oxford Scholarship Online Holdings for Legal, Policy and Psychological Studies. Look for keywords or scan the library. The Knovel is a web-based library of e-books, tech information and utilities for undergraduates.

The Safari Books Online is a small library of computer and technology books. Online books and journals: Myanmar' s Myanmar Online Book and Journal collections include the following: Humane Right and International Penal Code, Migration Policy, Fundamental Freedoms, Child Protection, Fundamental Freedoms, United Nations Framework Convention on Contracts for the Protection of Minorities, Fundamental Freedoms and Fundamental Freedoms, United Nations Framework Convention on BiH. Internationally Harmonized Books and Journals: rill online: Internationally Harmonized Books and Journals: Internationally Harmonized Maritime and Commercial Books and Journals: Internationally Harmonized Books and Journals: Internationally Harmonized Acknowledged.

The Oxford Scholarship Online Legal Library contains recently released OUP books. The JISC Historic Books: 19th C. Books from the British Library Department contain a selection of Scotch institution authors. The JISC Historic Books - 19th C: Books from the British Library's holdings comprise three collections: The EEBO 1473-1700 contains the scans and full-text conversions of over 125,000 books that have been released in English up to 1700.

√Čighteenth Century Collections Online 1701-1800 (ECCO) is a digitised compilation of more than 180,000 books released in the UK and its collections during the 18th ct.

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