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An enormous collection of flip-book templates, including flyer templates, booklet templates, and more. A free online shop template suitable for the online bookstore website. You can download all our eCommerce Website Templates and Online Shop Templates for free. img] The template is cross-browser compatible and has been tested with: With so many other media constantly online, the good old book business seems to be on the fringes of a digital age.

14 Beautiful New Ebook Templates[Free Download]

However, they do not turn traffic into lead alone - without engaging and convincing offerings behind them, they don't produce the tons of lead you want for your selling group. That' s why it's so important to produce precious contents your audience wants to get and then pack them so that they look good to your audience.

Much of the e-book creative cognition kind it countenance adult and bewitching, so group poverty to publication it and allotment it. Get our 13 customisable e-book template here for free. As we know, not every department has someone in the company who can (or has enough free space to) create a smooth, high divisible e-book desig.

We have good news: You don't have to be a professional web page builder to make your own nice e-books. Throughout the year, we made five e-book masks to help make this procedure simpler for you -- and they were so popular for us that we chose to make an extra 13 all-new and upgraded e-book masks for you this year.

Hopefully, these patterns will minimise the amount of effort you put into the detail of the artwork and allow you to focus on creating precious, lead-generating contents that your reader will like. These clever new patterns allow you to: Select from 13 different e-book themes and even create your own custom colors in just a few easy clicks.

Expend more of your free day typing great contents and less of your free day creating the right layouts. You can use all pictures contained in the template for free. Store your e-books as professionally designed and appealing PDF documents that are available for downloading. Tell us what you think of the new themes in the commentaries below when you've finished downloading your own copy of our 13 customisable e-book artwork, or use this e-book to use the click to tweet links and/or the Twitter-sized picture below to tweet:

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