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Yes, there's much more to offer than just your traditional print/E-book. Publish, print and distribute your book worldwide on Amazon, Kindle, iBooks and Barnes & Noble. Maybe my least favorite aspect of online book sales is shipping and delivery. Set up your own website and sell your eBook directly online. Then, set your price and track sales directly on the website.


The Most Favourite Book Map - up to two volumes can be published and sold through bookstores around the world. Up to ten volumes can be published and sold through bookstores around the world. Learn more about what we can do for your book. With our one-of-a-kind methodology, you get all the necessary resources, help and information to build exceptional book titles - and you can keep every cent of your book licenses.

Build your book in five simple footsteps with our easy-to-use online resources. Select your book sizes, load up your manuscripts, make your covers, determine your prices and click on Public. Find out what it needs to build a best-seller on our extensive, free consulting pages. Produce high-quality book printing and publishing through the same global sales network as conventional publishing houses.

Get 100% royalty on every book you sell. What is my choice of scheme? This is our most favourite book because it provides everything an editor needs to get his book published and distributed in a professional manner. Produce up to two different ledgers, give each one an unique ID number and let us share them on your behalf around the world.

Per Plan - For writers who have authored more than two of them. While our proprietary program provides all the benefits of our Plus-Plans, it does not cover two but up to ten different ledgers. Do you have a trialogy or a set of textbooks? Simply choose a map from the above chart and create it!

On-line sales and marketing

The New Generation are at the cutting edge of publishing development, this expertise has assisted many writers to publish themselves, supported by technology advancements that have reduced the entrance barrier for many people who were previously too high to achieve it. Self-publishing is largely fueled by the era of digitization and further-development.

Our belief is that we have been able to keep pace with the latest industry news and to help our customers thrive. And we have a sound understanding of how the web can make or rip a book, so we use our expertise to become a winning online publishing company that will take our customers into 2014.

Distributing a book can be done online if you are not interested in having your book on a high street shelving, e-reader or e-book publishing is a good way for you. Your copy is now available online for direct downloading.

One of the most important things to consider when comparing it to book publishing is that it can also direct many lands across the globe and if you are a niche writer, this can be a good choice because of the size of the population. On-line retail on sites like Amazon is another great way to bring your book to market. online stores like this can support sales in comparison to conventional bookstores because they are able to use POD to print them.

As an online publisher, we can provide you with advice on the best possible channel for your publication. It is a good way to promote and promote a book. The use of online sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus is a good way to brand or promote your book. You can also conduct PR activities online.

If you are looking to sell your book at an online bookstore or blog, there are many other ways you could be approached and ask them to sell your book at an arranged price. World Wide Web is a great source of information, we can give you tips on how to advertise and disseminate your book online in its entirety, or make the best possible bundle using the best conventional printing and digi-mat.

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