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Letterpress with Easy Online Instant Book Printing price offer for publishers and self-publishers. Learn more about our professional self-publishing capabilities and services! We provide online book printing services such as foil stamping, ISBNs, eBooks, tabs and more!

On-line book publishing services

Yeah, you can post your book! We' ve assisted literary writers like you to make your dream come true, to sell and distribute your book around the world. Businessmen who want to edit their book or handbook for companies and meetings themselves. Our publications include all kinds of literature such as children's literature, novel, cookery literature, non-fiction, self-help, biography, accounting, etc.

A wide range of budget and needs -based, affordably priced solutions let you select exactly what you need for your book. We can offer some or all of the services we offer for print and e-book, these services include: Typeset / Layout, Book Covers, Book Layout, ISBN and CIP Licensing, Print, Electronic Booking, Comprehensive Print, Globe Book, Globe Book and e-book Delivery and more.... understanding prices or get your no-obligation quotation here.

You can buy your book at over 30,000 distributors around the world and you don't have to stir a hand. Publicious is not a publishing house or publishing partners. It' important to realize that we are here to help you, the writer, in all facets of publishing your book.

They do not waive their publishing or royalty and there are no agreements to be signed.


Professionally manage and set up a book design within the authoring tools using the electronic manuscripts you supply. It' a great way to get your book projects up and running and getting them out. All that is contained in our Basic Projects Set-Up PLUS is the sizing of:: Your picture will be placed and resized by our editorial staff to match your book.

Please be aware that this is a per picture fee, if you add this feature to your shopping basket, please choose the number of images you have. With our input staff, your paper or paper manuscripts are converted into a single document that can be imported into our write/edit utility. We give you an outline of how we see the script and an content related study of the settings, character, sequence, background story, dialog, action and dissolution.

" A real anthroposophical writer checks your script for misspellings, spellings, punctuation and grammatical mistakes that are simply not covered by your computer programm. It goes deeper than standard copy editing, considering the use, sequence and clearness of words to make sure your script is professio and comprehensible.

Besides Premium Copyediting, your editors will advise you on the overall book layout. Professional artwork with stick pictures or pictures provided by the artist. An envelope layout developed on the basis of the author's suggestions and common trade designs. All in Custom PLUS back to all-round picture, plus: All in Custom PLUS back to all-in-one.

From the front to the back, it is possible to continuously extend styling features. Complementary to any covers and designservice. With our website experts, you can build your own website and blogs to engage with your expanding fellows. Inform the whole wide globe about your book! We will prepare a customized news item for your book and disseminate it to the broadest possible public, taking into account your sector and geographic area.

1 weeks basic advertising campaigns for a book on the market. Aim is to lead the reader to the book chosen. The book for advertising will be reviewed before the start of the advertising campaigns. In the context of a planned telephone conferencing with a marketer, suggestions are given as to what needs to be changed for your market.

a 10% reduction on any suggested authoring service. At the end a final evaluation of the results of the sales promotion will be made. This is a mixture of online and printed advertising, tailored to your book. Contains 100 visiting-card and bookmark, 10 poster and a leaflet. Hundred visiting ecards, 100 books or picture books, an individual 6-foot poster, with a holder, a book holder for presenting your new book and a personalised marker for ink.

You will never run out of promotional material! Build a fan community of 250 visiting and bookmarking ecards, sales pages and greeting card, 20 flyers and one e-leaf. Personal imprint released under your publishing house name, with your company name on the back. We take care of the many aspects of purchasing a Library of Congress Control Number and registration of your book with the Cyberspace.

We have a broad default broad base for three years. This is for eBooks that have been released with the WidDistribution Service.

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