Online Book Publishing Platforms

On-line book publishing platforms

Affiliate Center. BLUR is a self-publishing website that allows authors to create, publish, promote, share and sell their own e-books. Self publication platform for authors. There has been an enormous increase in the number of public promotion platforms in recent years. Select a service package that fits your budget and ambitions.

Only self-publishing platforms you'll ever need.

Today's contribution was written by the writer and writer's trainer Jessica Bell: I am always asked by writers who want to make themselves public: Who are the best publishers? So, I'll go through what I think are your two best choices if you want to release your book yourself.

You' re not too excited that your book is only available from the big retail stores (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and iBooks). Well, if that sounded like you, I suggest you pass it out with me: Draft2Digital for iBooks and Nook dealers. Haven't you ever seen these publishing opportunities? Use CreateSpace as Amazon's property. This allows you to republish for free in printed form from anywhere in the worid.

And the trick: your printed book is only available from Amazon. To have CreateSpace distributed to other merchants such as Barnes & Noble and Chapters Indigo, you must make a payment. obo is a web-based e-bookseller. You are not acting as a publisher for your e-book.

Posting to Kobo means that your book is only available to Kobo users who can only buy it from Kobo. Easily uplink to Kobo from anywhere in the game. The Draft2Digital is a distribution company that will list your e-book at several merchants. The most important are iBooks (iTunes) and Nook (Barnes & Noble).

They' re also distributing to Kobo and a few other less favorite pages, but they take a small portion of your royalty, so I suggest posting them on Kobo as a separate file. I recommend Draft2Digital for iBooks and Nook because they do not allow you to download your book from anywhere in the game.

However, if you are in the US or UK, you have no trouble posting your book directly to iBooks and Nook, just as I proposed at Kobo. Because Amazon is a major force in the business, you will profit from Kindle Direct Publishing regardless, as you will be able to keep a 70% per copy license fee.

The IngramSpark is both a printed and ePub distribution tool, which will save you a lot of effort because you can load all your data in one place and all your records and royalty payments come from the same place. Even the retailer distribution schedule is fantastic, and though you will be getting the bulk of your purchases via the four major gamblers, more places your book is available, the better for your online visual.

In order to see the retailer to whom IngramSpark sells, click on "Ingram Spark Retailers". They have to make their own IngramSpark based ISBN' and they are expensive in most states. So if you want to use IngramSpark without any problems and if you want to release many titles in the near distant past, I would have to buy a stack of 100 IngramSpark library-numbers.

Please note: If you decide to buy the ePub versions of the ePub you have to give one pocketbook and another one. You need two book types of my book if you go this way. There is no need for an ICSBN for your Kindle e-book because Amazon assigns it an ASIN, which is an Amazon Kindle number.

Here is a checklist where you can buy ISBNs: Prizes vary from $42 for a lone ISBN (plus a $55 New Publisher sign-up fee) to $2,890 for a 1,000-sheet. ISBNs may be obtained from your local ISBN registrar if you are not resident in one of the above states.

For a complete listing of vendors, resellers and supported self-publishing products, as well as information on pricing and licensing fees for comparison, you may want to choose a Jim Giammatteo self-publishing service. She is an Aussie writer, writer, poets and singer/songwriter/guitarist living in Athens, Greece.

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